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Cobra Glass Bong

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Cobra Glass Bong

The small cobra shaped glass water pipe is a type of smoking device that combines the use of water filtration with the traditional water pipe design. The cobra shape adds a unique twist to the typical straight-lined water pipe and can also serve as a decorative piece.

Glass Stem and Cone

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- Height: 160mm

- Made from tough pyrex glass

- Glass stem and cone piece

- Comfortable mouthpiece

This bong is made of high-quality glass and features a combined bowl and downstem that extends into the water chamber, this helps to filter the smoke through the water, resulting in a smoother and cooler hit. The water helps to remove impurities from the smoke and can also help to reduce the harshness of the hit.

The compact size of the cobra glass water pipe makes it convenient to use and transport, making it an ideal choice for smokers who are always on-the-go.

Its unique shape also provides a comfortable grip, allowing for easy handling during use. The small cobra shaped glass bong is an excellent choice for smokers who want a high-quality smoking device that is both functional and visually appealing. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or beginner, this type of water pipe is sure to provide a satisfying and enjoyable smoking experience.