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Straight Tube Bongs


Our straight tube bongs have a straightforward design and efficient filtration system that offers an enjoyable smoking experience every time. Choose from our wide range of straight bongs for a quality session that suits your smoking preferences and needs.

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What are straight tube bongs?

A straight tube bong, often known as a straight shooter bong, is popular for its sleek and simple design. It stretches from the base straight up to the mouthpiece, and that’s why it’s a great option for enthusiasts who prefer a clear, potent hit without any obstructions.

The straight bongs we offer at My Bong Shop are made from materials like Pyrex glass and silicone for durability. Some options also come equipped with features such as a glass cone piece, ice catchers for cooler hits, honeycomb filters for smoother inhalation, percolators for improved filtration and hand grips for secure handling.

What are the advantages of a straight tube bong?

Our team at My Bong Shop knows that picking the right bong is important for a satisfying smoking experience. That's why we recommend our straight tube bongs for a consistent and smooth draw, thanks to their sleek design and vertical structure.

Here's why choosing this bong could enhance your sessions:

  • Direct and powerful hits: The straight path from the bowl to the mouthpiece delivers unobstructed, potent hits.
  • Easy to use and clean: The straight design simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Quick smoke delivery: Enjoy immediate satisfaction with minimal drag, thanks to the efficient design.
  • Durable construction: This bong is made with durable materials like silicone and Pyrex glass for lasting use.
  • Versatile customisation: It’s compatible with a wide range of smoking accessories, so you can customise your smoking experience to your preferences.

What are the types of straight tube bongs?

Straight tube bongs are a classic choice for Australian enthusiasts looking for an uncomplicated and effective way to enjoy their sessions. We're proud to offer a selection of high-quality straight bongs designed for durability, ease of use and an enhanced smoking experience.

At My Bong Shop, we offer different types of straight tube bongs, including:

  • Pyrex glass straight shooter bongs
  • Silicone straight shooter bongs
  • Straight shooter bongs with ice catchers
  • Straight shooter bongs with honeycomb filters
  • Straight shooter bongs with percolators
  • Straight shooter bongs with hand grips

How do straight tube bongs work?

Straight tube bongs feature a straight, clear path from the bowl through the water to the mouthpiece. When you light the herb in the bowl, the smoke is pulled down into the submerged downstem, where it bubbles through the water. This filters and cools the smoke, leading to a smoother inhale as it travels up the straight tube.

What is the difference between a straight tube and a beaker?

Beaker bongs have a wide base that tapers up to the mouthpiece. This shape allows for a bit more water to cool down your smoke for a smoother hit. It's a top pick for those just starting out or anyone who likes a chill session without worrying about their bong tipping over.

Straight tube bongs are perfect for you if you prefer to keep it simple with a straight-up design that delivers your smoke fast and direct. These bongs are all about efficiency, making them a hit for smokers who like their sessions quick and potent. They're also easy to carry around, so this option is ideal for those on the move.

How to clean a straight tube bong

A clean bong is essential for the best smoking experience, and that’s why our team at My Bong Shop has put together easy-to-follow steps for cleaning your straight tube bong. Here are the simple steps:

  • Start by rinsing your bong with hot water to loosen any build-up.
  • Use a bong cleaner, fill the bong, cover the openings and give it a good shake.
  • Use a soft brush or pipe cleaner for any stubborn areas that need extra attention.
  • Finish by rinsing with warm water and allow your bong to dry completely before its next use.

How to choose a straight tube bong

Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or just starting, understanding what to look for in a straight shooter bong can make all the difference in your smoking experience. Our team has created this guide to help you make an informed choice:

  • Check the quality: Material quality can affect the lifespan and smoke purity of the bong. Our straight bongs use Pyrex glass or silicone for top-notch durability and thermal resistance.
  • Consider the size: Think about your lifestyle. A compact size might be best if you love to travel, while a larger bong might suit those who enjoy sessions at home.
  • Look for accessories: Smoking accessories like ice catchers, percolators and ash catchers can enhance your experience by cooling the smoke and making each draw smoother.
  • Understand the design: Straight shooter bongs offer a classic, streamlined design that's easy to clean and provides quick, intense hits.
  • Think about maintenance: These bongs are relatively easy to clean because of their simple design.
  • Consider customer reviews: Checking out customer reviews can give insight into the quality and performance of the bong from those who have already tried it.
  • Factor in your budget: Whether you're eyeing a bong at a regular price or looking for a bargain at a sale price, it's important to choose one that offers good value for money.

Find high-quality straight tube bongs at My Bong Shop

Our best selling straight shooter bongs are perfect for those who value simplicity and efficiency in their smoking experience. They’re made with durable materials, so you’re guaranteed that they’re built to last.

When you're ready to expand your collection, we’ve got you covered with our range, which includes glass bongs, percolator bongs, beaker bongs and silicone bongs, along with smoking accessories. From grinders to stash cans for discreet storage, rolling papers, rolling trays and essential bong parts, everything you need is right here.

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How do you hit a straight tube bong?

To hit a straight shooter bong, fill it with enough water to submerge the downstem, pack the bowl with herbs, light it up and inhale smoothly from the mouthpiece. Check out our range at My Bong Shop for the best straight bong to enhance your experience.

What are the benefits of using a straight tube bong over other types?

Using a straight shooter bong offers advantages over other types, such as quick and direct smoke delivery for a more potent hit and easy cleaning and maintenance. As a classic water pipe, it offers a purer taste and efficient cooling of smoke. Browse our selection of bongs to find a straight tube bong that suits your preferences.