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Pocket Scales

Electronic digital pocket scales are precise instruments for accurate calibration weight of dry herbs and a wide range of ingredients used in the kitchen. Shop for the best mini digital kitchen scales at My Bong Shop and measure accurately every time.

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What are digital scales?

A digital scale is a measuring device that gives a precise weight reading. Digital scales are small and lightweight, easily stored in the kitchen. Some scales, such as My Bong Shop Pocket Scales are small enough to carry with you and use on the go. Here are four good reasons to invest in a digital pocket scale.

  1. Take It Anywhere - The compact design and battery-powered operation means you can carry the scale in your pocket, handbag, or backpack wherever you go. They are perfect while visiting friends, camping, or travelling.
  2. Strong and Precise - The best small pocket scales are durable and incredibly accurate. My Bong Shop pocket scales can deliver 0.01g precision for perfectly measuring the smallest amounts of dry herb. These scales are fast and easy to calibrate.
  3. Easy to Maintain - Digital pocket scales have a small surface area and few moving parts, making them easy to clean and maintain in top working order. Simply wipe down with a microfiber cleaning cloth and you are good to go.
  4. Value for money - My Bong Shop pocket scales are a cost-effective way to measure accurately every time. Whether you need to weigh herbs, gems or small pantry items, we have the perfect LCD backlit digital scale model for you ready to ship directly to your door.

High Precision pocket scale

Digital weighing scales work best on a flat surface. Placing an object on a digital scale causes the scale’s internal strain gauge to deform. The scale then converts the amount of deformation to an electrical signal that runs the signal through a digital converter and displays the weight on the LCD panel.

My Bong Shop herb and food scales provide multifunction convenience for accurate measurement of small weight increments. The tare function feature resets the scale to zero so you can automatically subtract the weight of a bowl or plate. If you are looking for digital milligram mini scales, look no further than My Bong Shop products that include:

More benefits of a pocket scale

For accurate measuring results, trade your measuring cups for a pocket digital scale. More than just funky gadgets, mini scales are the most reliable way to ensure your measurements are exact. Dry ingredients are compressible, meaning their weight and volume will vary depending on how compact they are. Digital scales ensure you get an accurate reading for both wet and dry ingredients without the need for measuring cups.

With digital scales, you can exercise hassle-free portion control, maintain consistency, use fewer dishes, save space on the countertop, and even convert from metric to imperial measurements on the highly visible LCD display. For thorough cleaning, the stainless steel lid is conveniently removed. My Bong Shop pocket scales are small bench scales worth serious consideration and come ready for action with 2 x AAA batteries and a warranty included. There’s no need for chargers or adaptors and you can even use the scale in the dark with the handy backlit display.

Buying your pocket scale online

High-quality pocket scales are affordably priced at My Bong Shop and they are a great gift idea for herb lovers who appreciate quality. While here, take the time to explore other best sellers including glass bongs, electronic lighters, jet lighters, metal pipes, and our extensive accessories range.

If shopping online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your cart, and proceed to checkout for convenient payment and speedy delivery directly to your door. Your delivery is discreetly packaged.


What is the weight capacity of the pocket scales?

My Bong Shop pocket scales can comfortably weigh up to 300g of herbs with 0.01g calibration precision. Divide herb and leaf with confidence using My Bong Shop scales that include a backlight for easy viewing.

What are the units of measure on a pocket scale?

Pocket scales in Australia measure in grams. If you are looking for a dry herb food scale, multi-carat jewelry scale, or lightweight portable scale that can go anywhere, My Bong Shop has exactly what you are looking for.


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