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Bong Cones

Bong Cones

The bong cone (bowl) you use can conserve your herbs, be personalised for your toke, and entertain your friends. Smoking accessories and bong parts at My Bong Shop include perfect-fit glass cone pieces in lots of retro, kooky, and classy designs.   

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Shop small glass bongs with a glass stem cone

You wanted handy and high-quality glass bongs and parts, and My Bong Shop delivered. Our small glass bong range is second-to-none with products that include:

Extra Small Glass Bong with Rubber Base (15cm) made from heat-resistant Pyrex glass for extra strength and protection.

Topaz Rainbow Beaker Glass Bong (20cm) with a flared base that makes it a sturdy and stable bong for its size.

Baby Glass Bong (15cm) is perfect for daily use when out and about and can fit snugly in a jacket pocket or small bag.

Mini Hookah made of tough Pyrex glass is easy to assemble and transports well, making it great to use both at home and on the go.

Take your small bong to the next level with a glass bong cone. Find the perfect cone fit at My Bong Shop.

Sturdy metal cone & brass cone & glass cone pieces

The type of bong you use will determine the most suitable type of cone piece. The Small Gripper Glass Bong, for example, comes with a metal stem and is used with a metal screw-in cone. The Crazy Gorilla Beaker Glass Bong, on the other hand, has a glass stem and fitted glass cone. At My Bong Shop, we have the bongs, the accessories, and the parts all under one roof. Purchase online with free standard shipping Australia-wide on orders over $75.

Bong cones in a range of different sizes

Bongs and bong stems come in different sizes, so it’s only natural that cones are also available in various sizes. Look for 14mm and 19mm glass cones to suit your bong. You will also find glass stems, metal stem and cone kits, dabbers, glass cones with handles, and even a double-chamber bong kit. Find the perfect cone fit for your bong at My Bong Shop.

Bong cone designs and colours

There are two main designs of cones for bongs - slide (pull-out) and sandblasted glass. Pull-out models are available in glass or metal.

Slide (pull-out): This type of bowl includes a tube that fits into the downstem plus an O-ring that seals the cone in place.

Glass on Glass (sandblasted): The sandblasted glass end fits snug and directly into the glass downstem. This style of bowl is considered easier to clean and doesn’t require a rubber grommet to hold it in place.

The most popular My Bong Shop cones include:

  • Glass Cone Piece 14mm - sandblasted for a tight cone fit.
  • Premium Tribal Glass Cone Piece 14mm - perfect for the next drum circle.
  • Monster Head Glass Cone Piece 14mm - for a scary treat.
  • Colour Glass Cone Piece 19mm - a statement cone for an impressive bong.
  • Glass Cone Piece With Handle 14mm - fast loading without burning your fingers.

Shop smoking accessories online at My Bong Shop

The bong accessories range is another reason customers love My Bong Shop. Our lines include grinders, jet lighters, blunts, and rolling trays. You will find all the bong parts you need in one place online, including glass bowls, tins, dab rigs, ash catchers, adapters, and other water pipe innovations. For bong accessories and spare parts, you can trust My Bong Shop.

Discover bongs in all shapes and sizes

The right size bong will deliver a better smoke, and there are lots of cool bongs to choose from at My Bong Shop. Here are some great bong selections available for Australian herb lovers online.

Small Bongs: Small bongs deliver a big hit for a small price. There are times when a smaller discreet bong is the right choice. Small bongs can contain almost all the bells & whistles of larger models without the price tag. My Bong Shop favourites include:

  • Baby Glass Bong Skull Shape
  • Small Gripper Glass Bong
  • Starbud Coffee Cup Glass Bong

Medium Bongs: This is where you will find imaginative bong design inspiration. High-quality medium bongs from My Bong Shop include:

  • Glow In The Dark Medium Glass Bong 
  • Mickey Mouse Beaker Glass Bong
  • Medium Gripper Glass Bong

Large Bongs: At up to 46cm tall, these large bongs are genuine statement pieces. A large bong can be made of several glass pieces expertly connected for hookah heaven. Appreciate the heavy-duty bong workmanship, superior filtration and smooth smoke. Options include:


Do bongs come with cone pieces?

Yes, they do. My Bong Shop bongs are delivered to your door in discreet packaging and ready for action, with the stem, cone piece, chamber and mouthpiece included.

Where can I buy a bong cone?

Buy your bong cones online at My Bong Shop. We have a great range, so check back often for new arrivals and best-selling old favourites. If shopping online, make a wishlist and head to the checkout for convenient payment options and speedy dispatch.


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