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Plastic Grinders

Plastic Grinders

Plastic grinders are compact, lightweight tools for effortlessly grinding your preferred herb into a fine mix. Shop at My Bong Shop in Australia for two-piece, three-piece, four-piece or five-piece high-quality plastic herb grinders to make your herb grinding simple and efficient.

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Plastic Grinders

What is a plastic grinder?

A plastic grinder is a lightweight tool used to break down dry herbs efficiently. It usually has at least two pieces that twist together and a grinding chamber with plastic teeth to crush the herbs.


How to use a plastic herb grinder

Using a plastic grinder to break down your herbs is simple and easy. Here's a quick guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Place the herbs inside

Break your herbs into small pieces. Put these pieces between the teeth in the grinder's chamber. You can add as much as you need for one session or more.

Step 2: Twist and turn

Once your herbs are in place, put the lid on the grinder. Start twisting and turning it. The first couple of turns might feel a bit tough, but it gets easier as the herbs get shredded.

Step 3: Collect your herbs

If you're using a two-piece herb grinder, simply remove the lid and pour out your herbs. If your grinder has more than two pieces, unscrew the middle chamber to collect your ground herbs.


What are the types of plastic grinders?

Plastic grinders come in a wide variety of types to meet different needs. They're categorised based on the number of their compartments, with some models featuring multiple ones to separate fine particles from coarser material for a smoother burn.

At My Bong Shop, we take it up a notch by offering these high-quality tools in various styles and colours to suit your personality and preferences. Choose from our wide selection to enhance your smoking experience.

Two-piece herb grinder

A two-piece herb grinder only has two parts: a bowl and a lid. You'll get a single compartment when you put the lid on the bowl. Unlike other herb grinders, this type of grinder doesn't come with a pollen catcher.

Here at My Bong Shop, we offer two-piece herb grinders for those who appreciate simplicity and functionality. Pick among these grinders for convenient herb preparation:

Extra Large Herb Grinder

This grinder is designed for both convenience and style. With a diameter of 75mm, it accommodates a large amount of herbs for easier and cleaner grinding compared to hand-chopping. It also features popular character designs like Rick and Morty and Bob Marley to reflect your unique style and personality.

Ball Shape Herb Grinder

This 30mm-grinder comes in a unique ball shape to add style to your collection. Its pointed teeth are purpose-built for herb grinding, providing a consistent, even grind, whether you prefer to smoke with a metal or glass pipe, bong or vaporizer.

Three-piece herb grinder

In a three-piece herb grinder, you'll find the lid and the grinding and collection compartments. Both the lid and grinding chamber come with teeth for optimal herb grinding. Turn the top, and your ground herbs drop through holes into the collection chamber for easy access.

If you're looking for this type of grinder, you're in the right place. Find the one that fits your needs best from our three-piece herb grinders, such as:

Large Herb Grinder

Our large plastic grinders are efficient, quickly turning your herbs into a fine powder for smoother smoke. They have a secure bottom compartment for on-the-go use. To suit your style, they also come in popular colours like red, blue, green, yellow, white and black.

Rainbow Herb Grinder

This smoke grinder delivers both style and efficiency in a single package. With its 56mm diameter, a top-piece storage compartment and sharp teeth designed for breaking down chunky buds, you'll get the most from your herbs. It also makes cleaning simple, thanks to its high-grade plastic build.

Herb Grinders with Designs

If you're after a grinder that offers more than just functionality, this 56mm grinder is the one for you. It has fun cartoon character designs that can express your personality and make your herb preparation something to look forward to. With sharp teeth for efficient grinding and a storage compartment in the top piece, you get a combination of style and convenience.

Four-piece herb grinder

To have full control while grinding, use a four-piece herb grinder. It has four parts: a lid for grinding, a grinding compartment, a collection area and a kief compartment at the bottom. As you grind, the bigger parts go into the collection area. A mesh screen filters the finest particles into the kief compartment for later use.

With our 50mm herb grinder, you can enjoy the perks of fast and efficient grinding. You'll never have to resort to scissors or hand-cutting again, thanks to its sharp teeth. It also has a handy top compartment for easy storage. Plus, it comes in random character designs for a fun and personalised touch.

Five-piece herb grinder

A five-piece grinder gives you more options with two mesh screens for precise sifting. One screen catches Kief while the other filters out fine, powdery material. This dual-screen setup provides greater control over the texture and quality of your ground herbs. Usually, it also has an extra compartment to store your ground herbs, so you don't need another container.

For smoother, more convenient grinding, look no further than our five-piece 63mm herb grinder. Its sharp blades easily crush herbs into a fine consistency, making it perfect for rolling or packing into a bong. It also comes in cartoon designs that bring a fun twist to your must-have accessory.


Where to buy high-quality plastic grinders in Australia

At My Bong Shop in Australia, we offer durable and stylish plastic grinders that make your smoking experience efficient and enjoyable. As your one-stop online smoke shop, we also provide an extensive range of quality products, from bongs, bong parts, rolling papers and jet and electronic lighters to smoking accessories.

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Is a plastic or metal grinder better?

Choosing between metal and plastic grinders depends on your preferences and needs. Metal grinders are durable but more expensive, while plastic grinders, such as acrylic grinders, are lighter and more affordable.

What are the benefits of a plastic grinder?

Plastic grinders are lightweight, easy to clean and often come in eye-catching designs. They're a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel, aluminum grinders and other types of herb grinders.