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Extra Large Plastic Grinder

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Extra Large Plastic Grinder

The extra large plastic grinder with awesome cartoon and other character designs is the ultimate accessory for anyone who enjoys smoking weed. Unlike breaking up the weed by hand or using scissors to cut it, this quality plastic grinder makes sure that no matter what size you like to smoke, your herb will be well ground and ready for use without any extra effort.

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- 2 piece grinder

- Random design dispatched

- Diameter: 75mm

With it's awesome designs such as Rick and Morty, Bob Marley and more - these grinders not only get the job done but do it in style! The superior craftsmanship of this grinder ensures that no matter how many times you use it, it will stay durable and last!

Not only does this make grinding easier than ever before but also much cleaner as pieces are contained within the grinder which prevents accidental spills or mess when trying to chop up herbs by hand. Your smoking experience won't be complete until you try out a quality extra large plastic grinder like this one - so why wait?