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RAW Rolling Papers

Quality rolling papers can dramatically improve your weed-smoking experience. RAW rolling papers are My Bong Shop favourites, made from natural additive-free ingredients and are available in regular and King sizes for the best possible raw classic experience.

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Shop RAW rolling papers in different sizes at My Bong Shop

In the 1600s, when cigarette papers were first used, they were manufactured in large sheets known as ‘rolling papers’. Smokers would hand-cut sections in order to roll their chosen tobacco. In around 1800 the first rolling paper booklet was created in Jativa, Spain. RAW rolling paper is proudly manufactured in the same region of Spain, following in the footsteps of the original rolling paper pioneers.

My Bong Shop customers appreciate tradition where quality and taste matters and RAW papers are a very popular product in our range. We offer RAW rolling papers in a wide variety of sizes and styles for every type of herb smoker. My Bong Shop products include:

RAW Classic Connoisseur

Combining RAW Classic 1¼ Paper with high-quality RAW Original Tips. RAW Classic Connoisseur 1¼ has everything you need to roll your own RAW smokes in one convenient package.

RAW Classic King Size

RAW Classic King Size papers are perfect for smokers who enjoy a longer smoke. These high-quality natural papers allow you to enjoy your smoking experience free from added dyes or chalk.

RAW Classic Connoisseur King Size Slim

The ideal choice for a longer smoke or hand rolling cones. RAW Classic Connoisseur Kingsize Slim is an all-in-one solution that is conveniently packaged for handy portability in RAW style.

Organic rolling paper options in King Size and King Size Slim

King-size rolling papers come in lots of RAW varieties. Here are just a couple more great RAW products available from My Bong Shop.

RAW Organic Hemp

RAW Organic Hemp Paper is an awesome organic hemp rolling paper. RAW Organic Hemp 1¼ is a favourite from the My Bong Shop organic Hemp papers collection.

RAW Organic Hemp Connoisseur King Size Slim

A compact smoker’s kit with 32 quality RAW Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim papers and 32 natural tips. This full-featured collection is presented in attractive eco-craft paper packaging.

Consider switching to a natural rolling paper option

Today’s herb lovers favour unbleached and unrefined rolling papers that are free from additives and harmful burnt substances. Discerning smokers are switching to My Bong Shop bestsellers such as RAW Classic King-Size Slim rolling papers that display the RAW patented crisscross watermark. Shop authentic RAWthentic RAW pre-rolled papers and filter tips for a premium smoke.

Discover high-quality RAW unbleached tips

RAW smoking paper quality extends to their unbleached tips. RAW organic papers, RAW cones, hemp wraps, and blunts showcase the quality that smoking connoisseurs are looking for. Explore the RAW range of products online at My Bong Shop.

RAW Original Tips are crafted from natural long fibres. These tips roll up smoothly with structural integrity to maintain their shape even if they get damp during an outdoor session. A RAW secret is in rolling papers that are cut with the grain so they roll smoothly.

While here, take the time to find your ideal glass bong such as a beaker bong, gripper bong, or novelty bongs. Complete your smoking device and accessories collection with a jet lighter, 4-piece grinder, and rolling tray for a totally organised smoke.

Keep a rolling tray nearby for easy on-the-go rolling

For an organised and satisfying weed-smoking experience, make sure to keep a rolling tray handy. If you enjoy your herbs while on the go, you definitely need a ready-made rolling tray with rigid sides to avoid spillage or wastage. My Bong Shop rolling trays are available in 2 convenient sizes.

Small Rolling Tray - L: 180mm; H: 125mm

Large Rolling Tray - L: 270mm; H: 175mm

Try flavoured rolling papers for a tasty smoking experience

RAW is a great product brand but there is much more to discover at My Bong Shop. You can mix and match the classic hemp flavour with tasty flavoured papers from Cyclones, Juicy Jays, and OCB for the wow factor. Choose from My Bong Shop selections that include Blueberry, Mango, Grape, and Chocolate for your favourite taste sensation. Great options include:

Shop pre-rolled king-size cones ready to go

Cyclone Pre-Rolled Blunt Cone: Cyclone cones use an innovative pre-rolled cone shape designed for easy use and great taste. Your last puff will be as good as your first.

Cyclones XXX Cone Blunts: 1 x 12.5cm Pre-Rolled Slow Burning Blunt Cone

Juicy Double Blunt Wraps (Grapes Gone Wild): A big My Bong Shop favourite



What are RAW rolling papers made from?

The best rolling papers are made from natural fibres extracted from flax, hemp, and other non-toxic plants. These fibres are rolled into very thin light brown sheets without using chemicals such as bleach or calcium carbonate.

Where can I buy RAW rolling papers?

You will find your favourite RAW rolling papers at My Bong Shop. We are Australia’s favourite online store for bongs, bong parts, smoking accessories, rolling papers, and a whole lot more.


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