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RAW Six Shooter 1 1/4 Cone Filler

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RAW Six Shooter 1 1/4 Cone Filler

The RAW six shooter cone filler is the perfect accessory to have on hand if youre looking for a way to fill pre-rolled cones quickly and easily. This cone filler takes all the guesswork and mess out of filling cones no measure point calculations for how much herb should go into each cone or carefully packing it down with your fingers!

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- Fills 1,2,3 or 6 pre-rolled cones at a time

- Suitable for 1 1/4 size

- Height: 13.4cm

- Width: 7.4cm

- Authentic RAW product

All you need to do is adjust the dial on top to select how many cones you want filled, insert them into the holes, place your herb on top, shake it gently and voila! Perfectly packed pre-rolled cones with minimal effort!

Using the RAW six shooter cone filler eliminates any mess that comes when packing pre-rolled cones by hand. Not only does this cone filler create perfectly filled and even burnt results every time but also makes life easier in other ways such as being able to fill more than one joint at once - this means that you can spend less time rolling joints manually. This cone filler works fast too - after adjusting it's setting at first start up then inserting your desired amount of herbs it's ready to use straight away allowing multiple batches of joints so staying stocked up has never been easier!

Overall this RAW six shooter cone filler proves itself extremely useful as it not only creates consistently even rolled joints but is faster when compared against making them manually by hand therefore saving energy and time!