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Electronic Lighters

Electronic Lighters

Not long ago the idea of an electric flameless lighter seemed far-fetched, but that was then and this is now. My Bong Shop stocks revolutionary ARC rechargeable electronic lighters that can be used in the most challenging outdoor conditions for a convenient smoke every time.

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All about electronic lighters

If you’ve ever struggled to light a joint on a windy day or burnt your thumb on a flickering lighter flame, you’re not alone, but there is a solution. My Bong Shop smoking accessories include innovative arc lighters that require no fuel and no flame. That’s right, electronic lighters are wind-friendly, travel-friendly and even beard friendly.

Instead of using a flame, arc lighters produce heat with a small arc of electrical current in a concentrated area. These lighters can be activated by a button, meaning there’s no chance of gummy residue clogging the ignition wheel. Simply place the end of your blunt directly in the arc path and enjoy.

My Bong Shop showcases the best Jobon ARC Electronic Lighters with Touch Activation in a wide range of colours for personalised style.

The workings of electronic lighters

With arc lighters, an electrical current passes between the two nodes, creating an arc of charged plasma. The plasma creates the heat that can light a joint, cigarette, incense, paper or as a candle lighter.

Jobon USB rechargeable lighters are plasma lighters that strike just like lightening, with fingertip control. They work In the same way the charged particles of lightening create an arc of plasma that jumps between clouds or to the ground, however, arc lighters are designed to create a small targeted arc that’s controlled by the user.

With single arc or dual arc lighters, there’s no need for a refillable butane gas compartment. They are powered-up by USB charging with the supplied USB cable. Long-lasting LED battery power makes Jobon flameless electric lighters a real hit with herb smokers all around Australia.

Choose the best electronic lighter for your needs

Windproof electric arc lighters are the safe, nontoxic alternative to traditional Bic lighters, although you should never place your finger in the arc of an electric plasma lighter while in use, as it will burn just like any other lighter. It’s also advisable to avoid using a rechargeable electric lighter if you smoke with a metal pipe.

These durable stainless steel USB electric lighters are ideal for outdoor travel, camping, picnics, times at the beach, or anywhere else the wind can pick up and frustrate your lighting efforts. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to your old-school gas lighter, you’ve come to the right place at My Bong Shop.

Features to look out for

Jobon ARC lighters are flameless and battery powered. They differ from butane lighters, jet flame lighters and coil lighters. Arc lighters are impressive, high-tech additions to the smoker's toolkit, and are bound to impress and amaze your curious friends. Here are some innovative and versatile features and advantages to look out for with a Jobon flameless windproof lighter.

Better Ignition - JOBON Dual arc plasma lighters have four facing electrodes to create a stronger light that delivers more heat. This lighter can ignite blunts with a larger surface area instantly.

Rechargeable with long battery life - A powerful lithium ion battery is inbuilt for fuel to create a strong plasma beam. This eco-friendly lighter can be recharged using a USB cable charger for up to 400 charges. The LED battery indicator display lets you know when it’s time to recharge.

Windproof and portable - Compact design makes the Jobon ARC Lighter a savvy choice for carrying in your pocket, purse or glove box. It’s specifically designed for outdoor use, even in windy weather, at a BBQ, or wherever your travels take you.

Durable construction - High-quality zinc alloy construction make this lighter durable, safe and easy to use. You will also feel good using a lighter that doesn’t need to be tossed out like litter and added to landfill.

Safety systems - The Jobon plasma lighter has protection functions for over-charge, over-discharge and overload. After six seconds, the power is automatically cut off. Simply close then re-open the lid to prepare for relighting.

Electronic lighter styles and colours

My Bong Shop is your one-stop-shop for herb smoking devices and accessories, and our lighter collection is no exception. Explore our range of rechargeable USB plasma arc lighters that have a built-in battery that’s charged using a USB charging cable. We also stock great jet lighters at best available prices. We have the styles and colours you’re looking for, with shipping directly to your door.

Rechargeable is the key

Arc lighters are easy to use because they don't require refilling like Zippo cigarette lighters, torch lighters or disposable lighters. Unlike a wick lighter which is filled with fluid, arc lighters are battery-powered and charged via USB. Each lighter USB charge gives you enough power to light up anywhere from 20 to 40 times.

Buying your electronic lighter online at My Bong Shop

Double arc electronic lighters are more than trendy gadgets - they are a weed lover’s best friend in windy conditions. At My Bong Shop, you can purchase online and your Jobon lighter comes in a nice gift box, making it an attractive present for the smoker who thought they had everything.

Simply make a wishlist, add products to your cart, and proceed to checkout for convenient payment options and discreet package delivery directly to your door. We are Australia’s favourite online store for lighters and a whole lot more. Think bongs, bong accessories, bong parts, grinders, rolling papers, satchel bags, scales and great gift ideas.


What is the function of an electronic lighter?

The functions are the same as those of traditional lighters, but electronic lighters are streets ahead when it come to versatility and adaptability in outdoor conditions.

What is an electronic lighter made of?

Jobon electronic lighters are made of zinc alloy materials that won’t rust or corrode. They utilise the amazing power of electrical current activated by plasma, and include a built-in battery.


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