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Cheap Bongs

Cheap Bongs

Cheap, uncomplicated bongs are versatile, portable and perfect for socialising outside the home. Better yet, they can get you just as pleasantly ripped as their luxury counterparts. Shop online with My Bong Shop for high-quality water pipes at every price point.

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Things to consider when buying a cheap bong

Whether you’re a smoking novice looking to give water pipes a try, or a seasoned smoker looking for a smaller, travel-friendly bong, you’ve come to the right place. At the end of the day, a cheap bong can get you equally as ripped as a luxury one, it’s just a different experience getting there. If you want to pick up a cheap bong, we say go for it; just keep these few considerations in mind.

  • The smaller size - is ideal for portability. Your hits will be smaller and more punchy (although beginners often prefer this).
  • Cheaper bongs may not be made from high-quality glass (unless you buy them at My Bong Shop) - which means they’ll be more inclined to break.
  • Less smoking flexibility - cheaper designs don’t always accommodate popular smoking features and accessories like percolators, shower head bubblers, ice catchers and ash catchers.

That said, cheap bongs can still do plenty for you. While vaporizers, bangers and dab rigs will also do the job of getting you stoned, bongs are still the preferred method by most smokers. Test the waters with a cheap bong, or pick up a portable party bong to add to your collection.


Our top pick for affordable bongs

Whatever your budget, when you shop online with My Bong Shop, we guarantee you a top-quality product from a reputable brand. Discover some of the best cheap bongs from Australia’s favourite online headshop for unbeatable prices. Our bestseller favourites include:

Discover bong parts, accessories and more

You know you're purchasing top-quality products when you shop online at My Bong Shop. Our team of passionate smokers love sharing the best products, tips and advice with customers in the hope that you can enjoy smoking bongs as much as we do. By partnering with top quality manufacturers we’re able to bring you the finest range of bongs and accessories at the best possible prices. Find your water pipes, glass pipes, percolators (including honeycomb and tree percs), hand pipes, grinders, cone pieces, downstems, rolling papers, lighters and bong parts in one accessible online location. Have everything you need  delivered to your doorstep, quickly and discreetly.


Features of a baby glass bong

You can’t go past a glass baby bong for a convenient, on-the-go option. A high-quality borosilicate glass bong offers a punchy yet smooth toke. Overall, these little guys have a lot going for them, including:

  • Affordable price - the price point is ideal for a curious beginner, a travel piece, or a backup option. Baby bongs offer many similar advantages to a larger, more expensive bong
  • Practical - small and extra small glass bongs are lightweight and easily packable with only a few pieces. Our baby bongs are made from tough borosilicate glass that is highly resistant to breakage. Glass bongs are also much cleaner than silicone bongs and acrylic bongs.
  • Functional - mini bongs still offer a powerful punch. Enjoy good filtration and solid hits. What’s more, you can enjoy getting thoroughly ripped with your mates without fearing someone breaking your pricier full-sized piece.
  • Fun Designs - your mini bong will be a crowd-pleaser at a party or on a weekend trip. Offered in many cool, quirky designs, mini bongs are cute and entertaining.

Benefits of a mini hookah

Mini hookahs are just 12cm, making them super convenient and portable. Quickly assemble the parts by attaching the silicone hose through the rubber seals of the hookah end. Enjoy a comfortable tapered mouthpiece, an easy rounded shape and a metal cone and stem. Best of all, mini hookahs are highly durable and reusable, ideal for slipping in your bag for a day trip. 


Small & extra small glass bongs for easy portability

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best. Small and extra small glass bongs are super practical. Easily throw one in your purse, travel bag or coat for a discreet portable option. Take one of these cuties to your next social gathering, and we guarantee it’ll be the life of the party.


Cheap glass bongs in a range of styles & designs

Purchase high-quality, affordable borosilicate glass bongs at My Bong Shop. There are affordable options in every style, size and design, including glass beaker bongs, gripper bongs, mini hookahs, straight tube bongs and novelty bongs. Choose from our wide range of quality bongs to find your next travel buddy, spare backup piece or novelty gift for a mate.


Shop water bongs with removable rubber bases

Even an inexpensive bong can last a very long time if you take good care of it. We thoroughly recommend you clean your bong regularly using dishwashing liquid and water or non-toxic cleaning products. Removable rubber bases are ideal for storage, giving your piece a sturdy base to balance. Easily slip off the rubber base for a regular clean.


Shop the best bongs for $25 and under

You don’t need to spend a fortune at the checkout to get a good device for getting zonked. A simple, unfussy glass bong is all you need for a good time and a satisfying high. Starting from less than $25, the high-quality, affordable bongs at My Bong Shop are a great place to start. Pick up a cheap bong today and discover the joy of smoking cannabis through a quality water pipe


What is the most popular type of bong?

Glass bongs are undoubtedly the most popular type on the market. They come in various cool, ornamental designs that smokers often collect. Most importantly, borosilicate glass offers a superior smoking experience to other materials and is highly resistant to breakage.


Are cheap bongs just as good as expensive bongs?   

My Bong Shop carries some excellent value-for-money cheaper bongs offering you big rips, smooth tokes and a quality smoking experience. However, premium filtration requires larger sizes and add-on features that you won’t necessarily get from a cheaper bong. Percolator bongs offer added filtration for smoother, easier tokes. Most smokers find that they eventually like to upgrade to a superior device.