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Blunt Cones

Blunt Cones

For ultimate herb smoking convenience, you can’t beat blunt cones. These rolled cones and pre-wraps are the perfect hemp smokers accessory that will guarantee an even-burning experience every time, and the best blunt cones are all available at My Bong Shop.

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Discover blunt wraps in a wide range of flavours

manufacturers of blunt cones and hemp wraps have created innovative and health-conscious ways to consume dry herbs. The My Bong Shop assortment of cones are tasty, tantalizing and very convenient to use. Here are just a few of the great hemp wraps available at My Bong Shop.

Cyclone Pre-Rolled Blunt Cone - Strawberry Kiwi is a pre-rolled cone shape designed for easy use and a great taste where your last puff is as good as your first.

Blueberry 2-Pack Pre-Rolled Hemp Blunt Cone is the most popular pre-rolled smoking cone available for lovers of quality products.

Juicy Double Blunt Wraps - Grapes Gone Wild is a real treat with a fruity taste sensation that is too sweet to resist.

Juicy Double Blunt Wraps - Tropical is the next best thing to relaxing on a tropical beach and enjoying the sunset.

Shop blunt cones for ultimate convenience

For ultimate herb smoking convenience, carry some My Bong Shop blunt cones with you in your bag or purse. Ready-made blunt cones with filters are available online from My Bong Shop and are the surefire way to impress your friends with the perfect high every time. Our best-selling products are in demand with connoisseurs of quality.

Ready-made blunt cones available online at My Bong Shop

Pre-rolled cones are a popular commodity with cannabis smokers. They are lightweight, portable, and very convenient. Sparking up a flavoured blunt cone is the easiest way to consume dry herb wherever you are. Pack a pre-rolled blunt cone and carry it with you and you’re good to go.

If you are a fumble-fingers who struggles to roll a satisfying joint, a blunt cone is the way to go. Pre-rolled cones burn evenly and last longer for a more satisfying experience that you can share with friends or savour all by yourself while winding down at the end of the day. Natural hemp cones are changing the way people smoke, and My Bong Shop is leading the way.

The first thing you will notice about blunt cones is that the paper is thicker and generally darker than regular rolling papers. Some scented blunts come with designs on them that showcase their specific flavour. Blunts can be smooth or have a rigid appearance due to the leaves used in manufacturing.

Rolling paper, pre-rolls and wraps

One of the main reasons to choose a blunt over rolling paper is the long blunt burn time. The slower burn of Raw Classic and other brands makes them better for sharing when with a group of people. There’s nothing more disappointing than a joint that burns out in no time without everyone getting their fair share of herb.

You can store blunts in a pre-roll slider tube. These are cylinder-shaped containers that keep your pre-rolls fresh and secure. Advantages of pre-roll tubes include:

  • Preserving freshness and keeping your herb from getting too dry or burning too quickly.
  • Suppress the lingering smell, particularly if you only smoke half a blunt at a time.
  • A child-proof system that makes it harder for kids to access your valuable stash.
  • Guarantees discretion and allows you to carry your herb anywhere without being noticed.

Browse pre-rolled hemp blunt cones

If you are a nicotine-free person, you will prefer tobacco-free unrefined pre-rolled hemp or flavoured blunt cones. These products are favourites at My Bong Shop with customers who want an enhanced experience without the nicotine buzz. Blunt making can be challenging for a beginner, making pre-rolled blunt cones the savvy way to look like a pro.

As the name suggests, pre-rolled cones are already wrapped and ready to enjoy. There are a range of flavours to choose from at My Bong Shop, including blueberry, peach, mango, honey, sugar cane, wonderberry, and white chocolate. Simply pack the empty shell with your herb, light up, and enjoy. It really is that easy!

Get the perfect high with a blunt cone

Lighting up a perfectly rolled blunt is a satisfying way to slip into a smoking session. While rolling papers are economical, blunt wraps offer a premium enhanced experience. Pre-rolled blunt wraps are catching on fast. You will become an expert cone loader in no time.

The smoking ritual varies from person to person, yet herb smoking is often enjoyed most as a shared experience. Settling into the evening with friends while passing a terpene-infused flavoured blunt around is a great way to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. Juicy Jay’s joints have their place for sure, but slow-burning king-size blunts with flavoured papers offer a super-sized option for good times.

From bongs to glass pipes to cones - shop it all at My Bong Shop

Blunt cones are a great idea from My Bong Shop. These high-quality palm leaf wraps or paper cones can even come with filter tips. Explore the best Cyclones hemp cone blunts and other great smoking accessories. We stock an extensive selection of glass bongs with percolators and ash catchers, jet lighters, herb tins, grinders, rolling trays, glass pipes, metal pipes, and all bong parts and accessories on your cannabis wishlist.

When you are ready to purchase, make a wishlist and proceed to checkout for convenient payment options and speedy delivery directly to your door.


What are blunt cones?

Blunt cones are blunt papers that are formed into a cone shape. They were traditionally made from tobacco leaves, but there are now a wide range of nicotine-free blunt cones available.

How do you use a blunt cone?

Simply load the ready-made blunt cone with your favourite herb mix, light it up, and enjoy a very satisfying experience.


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