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Cyclones 2-Pack Pre-Rolled Hemp Blunt Cone (Red Alert)

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Cyclones 2-Pack Pre-Rolled Hemp Blunt Cone (Red Alert)

Cyclones Hemp Red Alert is a flavoursome cone that is natural, has no tobacco and is also nicotine free. The pre-rolled blunts are mastered in the style of rolling in a spiral to maintain the integrity of the smoke right to the last hit.

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- 2 Pre-rolled blunt cones per pack

- Hemp - Tobacco free

- Size: 100mm

Hemp is a 100% organic material and a healthier option when choosing a pre-roll for your herb. The blunts are available in reusable tubes and there are two in a tube with a paper tip and plastic poker included. The tubes are durable and perfect to use for transport. They seal in the flavour and keep the blunt fresh and ready to be used at any time.

This blunt is bursting with the flavour of ripe juicy plump strawberries. The intensity of this summer fruit flavour mixed with your herb is intoxicating and delicious. It is a full flavour that can be enjoyed to the last toke.

One of the favoured benefits of the pre-rolled Cyclone Hemp Red Alert blunt is that it is convenient and easy to use. Filling the pre-roll and enjoying your smoke with a hit of strawberry flavour is sensational. Smoking a blunt ensures a smooth even burn right to the last hit.