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RAW Classic King Size Cones (3 per tube)

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RAW Classic King Size Cones (3 per tube)

If you love smoking but hate the hassle of having to roll your own, then look no further than RAW Classic King Size Pre-Rolled Cones! These incredible cones make it so easy for you to enjoy without all the mess and time wasted rolling your own.

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- 3 x Classic pre-rolled cones per pack

- King Size

These pre-rolled cones are crafted from only the highest quality ingredients, so you can trust that every puff will be smooth and flavourful. RAW Classic King Size Pre-Rolled Cones are really set apart by their convenient design, conveniently sized packages containing ready to go cones make them ideal for on the go smoking sessions or even just relaxing at home without having to worry about rolling something up yourself.

Even better yet they wont break down like regular papers due to their sturdy material which makes them much more reliable! These RAW Classics don't contain any artificial flavours or additives whatsoever - ensuring that your smoke is totally natural and genuine - allowing for a smoke unlike any other. So if you want something fast, tasty and convenient - RAW Classic King Size Pre-Rolled Cones should definitely be at the top of your list!