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Novelty pipes


Novelty pipes make your smoking experience more fun and unique. Choose from a wide range of smoking pipes from My Bong Shop, including glass pipes for clean hits and durable metal pipes with whimsical designs and quirky themes that match your preferences.

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Novelty pipes are smoking pipes known for their unique and creative designs, shapes or themes. These pipes give a personalised flair to your smoking routine and make each session a bit more interesting than using standard pipes.

Whether it's a skull pipe, donut pipe, ice cream pipe, gas mask pipe or mushroom pipe, novelty pipes with playful designs bring a personal touch to your experience. If you're looking for a high quality pipe to add to your wishlist, here are some top factors to consider:



The depth of the bowl is an important factor to consider when choosing a pipe. This determines how much material you can pack and how long your session will be. Some pipes come with deep bowls suitable for longer sessions, while others are designed for quick, on-the-go use.



When choosing a pipe, it's not just the unique designs that catch your eye. Another key factor to think about is what type of pipe suits your smoking needs and lifestyle. Here are some usual types to keep in mind:

  • Water Pipes: These pipes give you a smoother smoke and are usually best for home use because of their bigger size.
  • Dry Pipes: These pipes don't need water for filtration, so they are convenient to use. They are also highly portable, which is ideal for quick smokes.
  • Hand Pipes: These are super portable and simple to use, making them perfect for quick sessions wherever you are.
  • Spoon Pipes: This is a type of hand pipe with a deeper bowl, which is great for longer smoking sessions or when you're in a group.
  • One-Hitters: These pipes are small, discreet and designed for a single hit. They're often disguised as everyday items for extra subtlety.
  • Chillums: These are simple, straight tube-shaped pipes without a carb, so using them is straightforward.
  • Bubblers: These pipes are a hybrid between a hand pipe and a water pipe. They offer water filtration benefits but are easier to take with you.
  • Dab Rigs: These are primarily used for concentrates but can also be found in novelty designs for those who like something different.
  • Steamrollers: These are bigger, straight pipes that offer intense hits. They feature a bowl on top and a carb at the end for airflow control.


When it comes to pipes, size matters for different reasons. Smaller pipes are easier to carry and more convenient for outdoor or travel use. Larger pipes often have deeper bowls and may come with extra features like water filtration. Think about where you'll most often be using the pipe when making your choice.


Novelty doesn't have to be expensive. To find the best deals for pipes, check and compare the original price with the regular price and look at the subtotal.

Materials like glass and metal are generally more durable but often come with a higher price tag, while silicone and plastic pipes usually have a lower price but may not last as long. Always look for sale items to see if you can get quality pipes at sale prices.



At My Bong Shop, we offer a wide range of novelty pipes designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you prefer a clean design or something with more intricate themes, we have something for everyone. These are just some of the options you can choose from:


Metal pipes are crafted from materials like brass, titanium and anodised aluminium. They are known for their durability, heat resistance and sleek designs. These pipes can last for years if well-maintained, which makes them an excellent investment for frequent smokers.

Unlike silicone pipes that might not insulate heat well, the metal cools down your smoke efficiently. This means every hit is smooth, crisp and packed with flavour, never harsh.

Our metal pipes are functional and feature unique designs. Choose from army shape pipe, saxophone shape pipe and guitar shape pipe to suit your style.


For smokers who prefer a cleaner, purer flavour, glass pipes made from borosilicate glass are the top choice. Some even combine glass with silicone for added durability, like our silicone smoking pipe with keyring. These pipes also come in different designs that make smoking sessions a bit more personalised.



My Bong Shop is the top store in Australia for high quality pipes and a wide variety of smoking accessories. From grinders to jet lighters, novelty bongs, beaker bongs with percolators to glass bongs, we've got them all. Check out our new products, add items to your wishlist, view cart and get free shipping for orders over $75.



The best pipe for smoking herbs depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you're after durability and heat resistance, you might lean towards a metal pipe. But if you're looking for a purer flavour, a glass pipe might be your go-to.


Types of novelty pipes include hand pipes, spoon pipes, tobacco pipes and dry or water pipes. The type you choose can affect your smoking experience, how easy it is to carry around and how long your sessions last, so take a moment to think about what suits you best. For more info, read our FAQ page.