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Anatomy of the bong 101

The anatomy of a bong can be quite complex, but there are some features that you can expect to find on most bongs. A bong can be made from wood, acrylics, silicone, and the most popular bong material available at My Bong Shop, borosilicate glass. These glass bongs are attractive ornaments and effective smoking devices. They are comprised of several components.

  • Bowl - This is where you pack your weed after it has been through a grinder.
  • Ash Catcher - Prevents ash from getting into your bong or into your mouth.
  • Downstem - The link piece between the bowl and the bong water chamber.
  • Percolator - Used to filter smoke additional times after it passes through the water.
  • Mouthpiece - The final piece the smoke passes through before inhalation.

Understanding bong parts should help you choose a bong that suits your style. If your current bong is too harsh, for example, you can consider a bong with ash catcher and built-in percolator. Glass bongs deliver a natural taste and are easy to clean, and My Bong Shop has the best glass bong range in Australia.

Different types of bong accessories available

My Bong Shop stocks an extensive range of bong parts. We also understand there is no one-size-fits-all type of bong, and different situations call for a variety of smoking devices. Here are some must-have smoking accessories to expand your collection for ultimate dry herb smoking pleasure.

Metal Pipes: These familiar devices are small, portable, stowable and virtually unbreakable, making them a trusty companion for almost any occasion. Choose from small, medium and large sizes.

Jet Lighters: Windy outdoor weather is no match for powerful jet lighters that focus on igniting the weed and not your thumb or hair. Smoke like a professional by using a Jet Lighter.

Satchel Bags: When stored correctly, your weed won’t dry out or lose potency. Satchel bags are the answer for keeping your stash fresh and ready to enjoy.

Scales: Even the best of friends can get mighty precious when it comes to weighing and dividing pot. Take the guesswork out of division by using highly sensitive and accurate My Bong Shop scales.

Glass Pipe: The alternative to metal pipes, these quirky and colourful glass pipes are incredibly durable and ready for action at all times.

Rolling Tray: There’s nobody less popular than he or she who spills the mull. Avoid the wrath of your friends by investing in a purpose designed rolling tray from My Bong Shop.

Electronic Lighters: For a class smoking act, make the investment of a touch-activated electronic lighter for a perfect hit every time.

Discover our high-quality and affordable metal and glass pipes

The best glass bongs, beaker bongs and dab rigs from My Bong Shop are attractive and artistic ornaments deserving pride of place on your coffee table or mantle shelf. However, they aren’t something you can whip out of your pocket or purse at a BBQ or party. The alternative - metal or glass pipes. My Bong Shop choices include:

Enhance your smoking experience with reliable jet lighters

Jet lighters are a My Bong Shop specialty. We stock a comprehensive range of Jobon Jet Lighters in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Customer favourites include:

Complete your smoking set-up with an easy-to-handle rolling tray

It’s time to get with the program with purpose-designed rolling trays. These trays feature mind-bending graphics and designs, and are available in two different sizes.

Make eyeballing quantities a thing of the past with digital scales

Whether you’re dividing quantities for bongs, blunts, vapes, hookahs, bubblers or pipes, it’s so much easier using digital scales. These handy devices available at My Bong Shop are precision instruments to 0.01g and can weight up to 300g of herb. The Professional Digital Scale is made of stainless steel and includes 4 weighing modes, LCD display with blue light illumination for accurate measuring even in the dark.

Keep your herbs fresh and clean with our satchel bags

You can purchase sealable satchel bags by the hundred from My Bong Shop for less than the price of a packet of potato chips. Keep your munchies fresh and your pot even fresher with 100 pack satchel bags in a wide range of sizes. Save your glass jars and tins for kitchen spices and use clear, resealable premium grade satchel bags for your most important herbs.

Add to your bong accessories collection with our bestsellers

At My Bong Shop, your satisfaction is our success. We take pride in our collection of highest quality weed smoking devices and accessories. Other great products worth considering include:

Grinders: Save mixing time by using a purpose-designed grinder. Our grinders create a perfect mix, even if your weed is slightly damp. Features of our best selling grinders include:

  • Extra-sharp cut blades
  • Mesh screen
  • 4 piece grinder
  • Magnetic lid
  • Storage compartment

Rolling Papers: Choose from blunt cones and flavoured papers from well-known brands such as RAW and OCB. Enjoy pre-rolled excellence for times when only the best will do.

Buying online with My Bong Shop

As Australia’s favourite bong and bong accessories retailer, My Bong Shop is sure to have what you’re looking for and a whole lot more. Shop for glass stems, connectors, percolator bongs, glass cone pieces, brass cones, grommets, adaptors, diffuser downstems, dropdowns, quartz bangers for vaporizers and more.

Simply make a wishlist of bongs and bong accessories, add products to your shopping cart, and head to checkout for convenient payment methods and speedy delivery directly to your door. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


What is a bong accessory?

Bong accessories make pot smoking organised and enjoyable. My Bong Shop accessories are high-quality components, extras, and alternative smoking devices used indoors, outdoors, and for special occasions.

What are the different types of bong accessories?

There’s more than one way to enjoy a high. Different bong accessories are smoking items used for personalised style, and they are all available under one roof at My Bong Shop. Explore our extensive range of bong accessories for a superior smoke.


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