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Bong Stems

A quality bong stem plays a small but essential role in getting you ripped. Downstems create the airtight suction to draw smoke through the bong chamber. Choose glass stems for your favourite water pipe or metal stems for an easy go-to option.

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Bong stems explained

Downstems play an essential role in your bong smoking ritual. The stem is your connector piece that makes a bridge between your dry herb in the bowl (or cone) and the water in your bong chamber. When you inhale, the stem carries smoke from the bowl into the main chamber, causing water to bubble. The bong stem slides into the 10-18mm hole drilled in the side of your chamber and is usually fixed in place with a rubber grommet. Downstems come in many sizes and can offer different features to affect the quality of your smoking session.


Benefits of a bong stem

Stems can be very basic or offer more sophisticated features like built-in percolators or diffusers to filter and cool smoke for smoother inhalation. Removable stems make a bong much easier to clean, but you need a tight fit to ensure airtight suction and prevent the stem from falling out. 


Bongs stem and cone piece kits

Bongs you purchase from My Bong Shop come with a stem, but it’s good to have spares in the event of loss or breakage. That’s why we’ve assembled stem and cone kits to fit all our different-size bongs. With a metal stem and cone kit at the ready, nothing can get in the way of your next session. Choose from 8, 10, 12 and 14mm stems with a metal cone and rubber grommet.


Glass bongs with glass stems

It’s no secret that high-quality glass bongs offer a superior smoking experience than their silicone or acrylic counterparts. For the best glass bongs with glass downstems and even glass cones, you can’t go past the first-rate selection at My Bong Shop. Our second-to-none collection of borosilicate glass bongs and stems includes favourites like:


Discover 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, and 14cm metal stems

The main difference between bong downstems is the size. You must have the right size for your water pipe to ensure that the stem reaches the bong water and that you can achieve proper airtight suction. Different styles of bongs use different sizes. Your piece should be labelled with the correct size. If not, you need to take precise measurements.


Diffuser downstems for your water pipe

Percolation is when smoke is filtered through several holes into the bong water. The increased contact between the smoke and the water has a potent effect. Small holes inside the downstem will give you a strong rip and a smooth hit. Extra holes mean a better hit, so the more, the merrier. Diffuser stems use swirls on the bottom of the piece. The popular honeycomb design adds holes to the stem centre for maximum effect.


Choosing the best bong for you

We all have our favourite methods and devices for getting zonked. At My Bong Shop, we showcase Australia’s best range of waterpipes, smoking accessories and parts. For bongs, a key factor is the size.

  • Choose smaller bongs if you are a beginner, want something simple, or need a portable piece for on-the-go.
  • More experienced smokers prefer larger glass bongs for bigger rips and special features like percolators, ash catchers and ice catchers.

If you’re searching for a new piece for your bong collection, check out our inspiring range, including beaker bongs, bubbler bongs, gripper bongs, mini hookahs, and more. Use the dropdown menu to shop a range of sizes, shapes and super-sweet styles.

For other smokers of a different vein, you can also shop our vast range of smoking accessories like dab rigs, bangers, vaporizers, glass pipes and hand pipes. Discover our pre-rolled blunt cones if a massive joint size is your thing. And, of course, we carry all the spare parts, lighters and grinders you need to ensure your smoking ritual runs flawlessly.


Shop small glass bongs with a glass stem cone for easy transportation

Small, portable bongs are just what you need for travel, smoking out in nature, or getting buzzed at a party. A small glass bong slips easily into your purse, bag, or coat. Friends will no doubt appreciate the arrival of your baby bong at the next social gathering. Some of the small glass waterpipes at the top of our wishlist include:

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My Bong Shop is Australia’s favourite online headshop. We deliver to the doorstep fast (and in discrete packaging). Purchase all your bongs, stems, cones, vapes and joint rolling material in one convenient online location. Plus, spend over $75 to enjoy free shipping at checkout.



What is a bong stem?

Bong stems are the bridge between your cone piece and the water in the main chamber. Stems fit tightly into the body of the bong and accommodate the cone piece at the exposed end. Although they can be built in, most are removable for easy cleaning and usually held in place by a rubber grommet.

What are bong stems used for?

Stems provide the suction you need to pull smoke from the cone into the chamber. This creates a bubbling effect in the water, and the filtered smoke can then pass through the mouthpiece for inhalation. Bong stems can be simple metal or glass pieces or possess features like diffusers or percolators. Shop My Bong Shop for all your bong accessories.



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