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Chongz Style Glass Bong

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Chongz Style Glass Bong

From the tip of the mouthpiece to the base of the water bowl - this is a superior Chongz-style glass bong. The rounded and ergonomically designed mouthpiece is comfortable to use whilst the curved chamber offers an easy grip.

Glass Stem and Cone

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- Height: 300mm

- Made from tough pyrex glass

- Glass stem and cone piece

- Comfortable mouthpiece

The Pyrex glass is solid and strong and is not compromised by the number of times the bong is used. This is a durable and attractive bong with the natural curve of the water chamber making it easy to use and maintain. Cleaning the glass parts of the bong are simple with the cone and down stem being removable.

This Chongz-style glass bong has been designed with not only comfort and longevity in mind, but the colours and visual design on the base are attractive and unique. Often bongs that are slightly different are sought after by bong collectors who add them to their collections. Standing at 30cm this is a good size bong for offering a satisfying hit.

The size of bowl is big enough to hold a large amount of smoke providing you with a hit that is full of flavour. It is cooled as it travels up through the water and chamber offering a very enjoyable toke.