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Multi Colour Laser Cut Grinder - 4 piece 63mm

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Multi Colour Laser Cut Grinder - 4 piece 63mm

Using a multi-colour laser cut grinder offers benefits such as grinding the herb to a fine powder that heats quickly and offers a better and longer slower burn. With a grinder, the integrity of the herb is maintained. The most popular benefit is that with a grinder it is much easier and faster to grind the herb than by hand.

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- 4 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Diameter: 63mm

- Magnetic lid

- Storage compartment at the bottom

This is a multi-coloured laser-cut grinder that is very smart, has a magnetic lid and is in four pieces. With the stylish aluminium design and the comfortable 63mm size.

Light weight durable grinder with CNC blades to grind the herb to a fine powder. The mesh allows the ground herb to collect in the compartment below and then the fine pollen will gather in the bottom layer. To ensure that the grinder has a long lifespan it is necessary to clean it after each use.

Whether you are a veteran or are new to using a grinder this is a simple and easy device to use, the four pieces fit neatly together and form this compact and easily transportable piece of equipment.