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Small Gripper Glass Bong (22cm)

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Small Gripper Glass Bong (22cm)

The benefit of this small gripper glass bong is in having a bong that gives you a sense of confidence when holding, passing and sharing the bong. This is very easy and convenient with a comfortable grip. An attractive and easy to handle glass bong with a base that is a decent size to filter the smoke and produce a soft, smooth, cool, chug.

Metal Stem and Cone

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- Height: 220mm

- Made from tough pyrex glass

- Metal stem and cone piece

- Rubber base can be pulled off for easy cleaning

- Comfortable mouthpiece


The small gripper glass bong is 22cm tall and is made from high-quality pyrex glass. It has a pistol grip design which makes it very convenient and easy to handle. With this ergonomic comfort grip, this small gripper glass bong is both strong and stylish. This is the best bong for sharing with friends because it is strong and has a very appealing design. 

The rubber grommet holds the brass stem in place and protects this gripper glass bong as it slips into the glass tube. There is an ease in preparing and using this bong which is apparent as soon as you unbox it. It is ready to be used from the moment it is unboxed.  

This bong has been crafted with the smoker in mind as it has the perfect angle on the tube for positioning the mouthpiece at a slight slant.  The sturdy strong rubber base ensures no harm comes to your bong when not being used.