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Satchel Bags

Weed Bags

If you are a cannabis grower or like to share with friends, satchel weed bags are indispensable packaging for being organised, limiting the marijuana smell and keeping your herbs fresh. Purchase bulk satchel bag supplies and other smoking accessories from My Bong Shop.  

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Keep your cannabis discreetly hidden in a smell-proof bag

Ziplock bags are perfect for storing marijuana and herb edibles. They have an almost airtight seal to keep the odour inside and your weed fresh for a relatively long time. Remember to store your greens in a cool and dark place to ensure your herbs remain potent. Ziplock bags are a cost-effective alternative to mylar bags, and they are less bulky than glass storage jars.

Ditch the waste and discover resealable plastic bags

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), weed that is stored in ziplock bags should hold its potency for a minimum of 30 days. When stored in a glass jar that prevents cannabis from coming in contact with air, the potency can last for up to six months. Ziplock cannabis bags are handy if you are weighing and distributing medicinal herbs for use.

Resealable Ziplock bags are always handy to have in the kitchen. While here at My Bong Shop, check out electronic scales that will ensure your weights and measurements are perfect every time. Ditch the plastic bags and use a ziplock to guarantee freshness for your customers, and remember to keep your stash out of direct sunlight as UV rays will quickly weaken the herb’s potency.

Keep your marijuana fresh in small packaging bags

It’s important to keep your marijuana fresh if you want to impress your friends with a potent blend. Zip seal bags are the next best thing after mylar bags that are used by commercial enterprises for packaging coffee, medicine dispensary products, and even museum artefacts. Generally, cannabis packaging doesn’t require such extreme measures as the herbs are usually smoked within a month or so. For most weed lovers, ziplock bags are a sensible and inexpensive way to store precious herbs.

Best conditions for storing herbs in weed bags

There are three main factors that can influence the quality and potency of marijuana packaging and storage: humidity, light, and ambient temperature. Here are some helpful guidelines to ensure your stash bag weed is stored properly.

Humidity levels:

This is an important aspect and one that can sometimes be difficult to control. High humidity can make weed mouldy and unhealthy to smoke. Low humidity can dry out your weed and weaken its potency. The ideal humidity range is between 55% and 63%.

Lighting conditions:

Exposure of marijuana to artificial light can degrade the cannabinoids and lower the THC content. Weed that is stored in a dark place will retain a good cannabinoid profile and keep fresh for much longer.

Storage temperature:

Most professional weed farmers agree that their product stores better in a temperature range between 0 - 21 degrees celsius. If not using mylar bags or glass jars, make sure to use ziplock satchel bags in place of regular plastic bags that hold heat and lock in humidity.

Discover airtight satchel bags for your weed storage

Weed satchel pouch bags are almost completely airtight, making them a good option for storing and transporting cannabis products and for food storage. Protect the integrity of your product by using My Bong Shop satchel bags. Most cannabis products emit an obvious smell and it can be difficult to completely seal in the odour. It’s a good idea to store larger amounts in child-proof glass jars in a dark place, then weigh the product before dividing it into satchel bags for distribution.

Save time and keep your grinder and baggies close

For customers who prefer their herbs ready to roll in papers or blunts, a grinder is the answer. My Bong Shop options include:

Bullet Grinder: This three-part grinder is durable and reliable. It will produce finely ground herbs in no time for a more intense and satisfying experience.

Lightning Strike Laser Cut Grinder: A 4-piece grinder with a magnetic lid and extra-sharp CNC cut blades. Also contains a mesh screen and storage compartment at the bottom.

Metallic Laser Cut Grinder: A 63mm wide 4-piece grinder with extra-sharp blades and mesh screen. This attractive unit is made from aluminium and is easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Shop high-quality weed baggies

As Australia’s favourite online shop for all herb smoking devices and accessories, My Bong Shop is committed to quality. We stock a great collection of beaker bongs, gripper bongs, and novelty bongs, plus spare parts and accessories that include electronic lighters, jet lighters, digital scales, rolling trays, grinders, and weed baggies. Our clear window satchel bag sizes available include:

  • 25mm x 25mm
  • 30mm x 30mm
  • 40mm x 40mm
  • 40mm x 50mm
  • 50mm x 70mm

Buy weed bags in bulk

Purchase weed storage bags in bulk from My Bong Shop to avoid getting caught short when dividing up your precious harvest for weed packaging. Our sturdy Ziplock bags are perfect for storing herbs. They are transparent for easy identification of stored contents and useful for storing many things, including food.

Discover the complete range of My Bong Shop bongs and smoking accessories online. We have the best range of products available for prices regular Aussies can afford. Your delivery is posted directly to your door in discreet packaging. Shop with confidence at My Bong Shop.


Where can I buy weed bags?

My Bong Shop is the go-to online store for all weed bags and herb smoking devices and accessories. Explore our great range and upgrade your weed enjoyment experience.

Can I buy weed bags in bulk?

You certainly can. My Bong Shop weed bags come in packs of 100 bags to ensure you always have a convenient herb storage option on hand.


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