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While old-school bamboo bongs and plastic bottle bongs served their purpose, herb smoking bongs, pipes, spare parts and accessories have come a long way. Today’s equipment includes attractive and artistic glass bongs, bowls and bong parts designed for the perfect smoke, all available at My Bong Shop.

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Modern bongs are precision cannabis smoking equipment designed to get the most out of your herb mix. A bong can be made from wood, acrylics, or silicone, but by far the most popular bongs are made from almost unbreakable borosilicate glass. These glass bongs are attractive ornaments and effective smoking devices comprised of several main parts.

Glass Bowl - This is where you pack your weed after it has been grinded to a suitable mix.

Ash Catcher - A handy innovation that prevents ash from getting into your bong or your mouth.

Downstem - The linking piece between the bowl and the bong water chamber.

Percolator - Used on some bongs to filter smoke additional times.

Mouthpiece - The final component the smoke passes through before inhalation.

Understanding bong parts should help you choose the right bong for you. Glass bongs deliver a natural taste and are easy to clean and maintain. My Bong Shop has the glass bong range you're looking for.



By understanding when to replace parts of a bong you will get the most out of your current bong. A lot of My Bong Shop customers have had their bongs for many years and when a bowl or downstem breaks they need the right size and type of bong replacement part. It's important to find the right replacement bong parts for ongoing toking pleasure, and My Bong Shop has the answers. You can shop online at My Bong Shop for all bong parts and accessories.



Two essential bong components that may occasionally need replacing are the bowl and downstem. Here is some information to help you choose the correct replacement parts for your bong.



There are two main styles of bowls for bongs - slide (pull-out) and sandblasted glass. Pull-out models are available in glass or metal.

Slide (pull-out): This type of bowl includes a tube that fits into the downstem plus an O-ring that seals the bowl in place. These bowls come in two sizes, 9mm and 12mm. The 9mm bowl fits into a 12mm downstem and the 12mm bowl fits into a 16mm downstem.

Glass on Glass (sandblasted): The sandblasted glass end fits directly and snugly into the glass downstem. This style of bowl is considered easier to clean and doesn't require a rubber grommet to hold it in place. These bowls come in 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm sizes to suit most glass bongs.



Downstems are the metal or glass pieces that bong bowls fit into. Depending on the style of your bowl (Glass on Glass or Slide) your bong will include a downstem that is secured by a grommet (slide) or one that pulls out(glass on glass). Downstems come in different lengths as well diameters. You can figure out the length you need by performing a simple pencil test.

Stick the pencil down your bong's stem to measure the approximate length of your replacement downstem. When examining downstems, you will find a variety of available sizes. Choose the appropriate diameter (10mm-19mm) and length, normally measured in inches (3”-16”)

You may also want to purchase a replacement grommet for a seamless bowl fit. Grommets generally come in two different styles (Top Hat and Donut), and different sizes (13mm or 16mm). The top hat style is easy to insert, while the donut shape creates a tight seal.

Discover a wide range of high-quality and reliable downstems and bong bowls for your precision bong equipment.



My Bong Shop stocks an extensive range of bong parts for all your chilling needs. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all type of bong, and every variety of leaf is different. At My Bong Shop, we provide the bong parts you need for ultimate dry herb smoking pleasure. Here are some smoking devices and accessories worth adding to your collection.

Metal Pipes: These familiar pot smoking devices are small and virtually unbreakable. They are a trusty companion for any occasion, and are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Glass Pipe: A favourite newer pipe style, quirky and colourful glass pipes are deceptively durable and ready for action at all times.

Jet Lighters: Jet lighters create a powerful flame even in windy conditions. Experienced grass smokers always carry a jet lighter with them.

Electronic Lighters: When weed smoking pleasure is prioritised, a touch-activated electronic lighter will deliver the perfect hit every time.

Satchel Bags: When stored correctly, weed won't dry out or lose potency. Stock up on handy satchel bags to ensure your gear is always fresh and ready to enjoy.

Scales: Dividing pot amongst friends can be a difficult task. Take the guesswork out of the equation by using accurate scales available at My Bong Shop.

Rolling Tray: Spilling marijuana is a thing of the past when using purpose-designed rolling trays available from My Bong Shop. Choose a size that suits you.



Although bongs can be made out of different materials, glass bongs are considered the easiest to clean. In most cases, your glass bong and bong parts can be easily cleaned using hot water and detergent. However, there are specific chemicals that can make cleaning your bong a whole lot easier.

Acetone is a great glass cleaning product worth considering. It will ensure the glass is 100% clean with zero potential for cross-contamination from other sources. There are also a number of other glass cleaning agents and detergents on the market. Here are some tips for performing a thorough bong cleaning:

  • Separate the bong pieces. Wear latex gloves if you want to avoid resin getting stuck on your hands.
  • Rinse out the bong pieces in hot water. This will help remove bigger chunks of resin clogging up the downstem and bowl.
  • Use a pipe cleaner or cotton swabs to remove stuck-on resin. Most resin chunks can be knocked off with regular scrubbing.
  • Place smaller bong parts in separate resealable plastic bags for soaking. Add cleaning fluid and salt to the bags and allow the bong components to soak.
  • Shake the bag for a minute or two. Your bong components should become visibly cleaner. For stubborn stains, soak bong components for several hours.
  • Rinse out the bong parts with hot water. You can use a combination of water and lemon juice to remove any stains on glassware.
  • Dry the bong parts thoroughly for an as-new look. Put the bong back together then fire it up to test it out.



As Australia's favourite bong store, My Bong Shop has the parts and accessories you're looking for. Our extensive collection includes metal stem adapters, connectors, grinders, mini hookahs, water pipes, hand pipes, glass cone pieces, brass cones, dab oil rigs, diffusers, blunts, bangers and flavoured papers.

Whether you like to use a glass stem bong, beaker bong, bubbler bong, perc bong, carb bong or vaporizer, My Bong Shop has them all. Get the best bong parts for your weed enjoyment from My Bong Shop.



Glass Bongs are attractive, ornamental, and worth showing off on your coffee table or mantle shelf. If you're looking to add something new to your bong collection, simply make a wishlist at My Bong Shop. Then head to checkout for convenient payment methods and speedy delivery to your door. Everything is delivered in discreet packaging to avoid suspicion of curious neighbours. It doesn't get any better than that!



The main parts of a bong include the bowl (cone), stem (glass or metal) and the body of the bong which includes the glass water chamber and mouthpiece. Your bong may also include an ash catcher, filter, percolator, and rubber feet for stable use when handled by clumsy stoned friends.


The right bong attachments and accessories improve weed smoking pleasure and enable you to get optimum results from your stash. A well-functioning bong is watertight and sized just right for easy handling and seamless delivery of water-cooled vapour.



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