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8cm Stem and cone

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8cm Stem and cone

This 8cm metal stem and cone piece kit is a must have for anyone wanting to make their own DIY small bong or just looking to replace an existing metal stem and cone piece from a glass bong. The kit contains everything needed, including the metal stem, cone piece and rubber grommet.

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- Price for 1 kit

- Length: 8cm

- Rubber grommet included

The metal stem provides a durable way for smoke to travel through your homemade bong or glass one as well. Not only does it provide a secure support structure so you can easily enjoy your smoking session but it's durability means that it will last. Also, you don't have to worry about heat damaging the material since this is made of strong alloy metal. The included cone piece fits snugly into the end of the metal stem making that perfect seal allowing for a smooth delivery of smoke with no air leaks.

You also get a rubber grommet which securely fastens the metal stem in place. Overall this 8cm metal stem and cone piece kit will provide you with all you need in terms of a quick replacement or assembly of DIY without having too much fussing around.