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People all around Australia enjoy consuming cannabis most when taken in the way that works best for them. This often means loading up a glass beaker bong from My Bong Shop to deliver smooth flavour and a sustained high-quality smoke.

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Getting smoother smoke from your bong

Bongs are commonly made of glass, but you can also find bongs manufactured with acrylic, ceramic and silicone materials. Traditional bamboo bongs are also still popular. A typical bong consists of a small removable ‘weed’ bowl connected by hose or pipe to a large chamber that holds water.

When using a water bong, the smoke passes through the water chamber before entering the cylindrical tube and mouthpiece. Some bongs also include ash catchers and percolators for finely filtered smoking. The built-in bong water filtration system creates a smoke that’s softer on the throat and easier to hold in for better effect.

Bongs are a favorite among cannabis users, but they can seem a little intimidating at first. There are many options available, and we can help you select the perfect bong for you at My Bong Shop.

Explore our range of novelty and cool bongs online

The right bong will deliver a better smoke, and with so many cool bongs to choose from at My Bong Shop you can show off your personal taste and style. If you’re on the lookout for a new bong, you’ve come to the right place, and here are some great selections available online.

Small Bongs: Small bongs that deliver a big hit for a small price. There are times when a smaller discreet bong is the right choice. Small bongs can contain almost all the bells & whistles of larger models without the price tag. My Bong Shop favourites include:

  • Extra-Small Glass Bong with Rubber Base
  • Baby Glass Bong Rainbow
  • Starbud Coffee Cup Glass Bong

Medium Bongs: The psychedelic styles kick-in with imaginative bong design inspiration. A medium size bong can be the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. High-quality medium bongs from My Bong Shop include:

  • Medium Glass Bong Glow In The Dark
  • Micky Mouse Beaker Glass Bong
  • Medium Gripper Glass Bong

Large Bongs: At up to 46cm tall, these attractive large bongs are genuine statement pieces. A large bong can be made of several glass pieces expertly connected for hookah heaven. Enjoy heavy duty bong workmanship, superior filtration and a soft, smooth smoke every time. Options include:

  • Extra-Large Gripper All-Glass Bong
  • Twisted Design Straight Shooter Glass Bong
  • Designer Spiral All-Glass Bong

Glass Bongs: Glass bongs are the most popular variety on the market. The visual appeal is unbeatable, and modern glass water pipes can include percolators and other filtration systems for cooling and softening the smoke. My Bong Shop choices include:

  • Rainbow Straight Shooter Glass Bong with Triple Filters
  • Chongz-Style Rastaman Glass Bong
  • Leaf Design Straight Shooter Glass Bong with Percolator

Beaker Bongs: In the 60’s when headshops were still undercover, eager lab technicians started cobbling glass beakers, tubing and rubber stoppers together to create attractive glass water pipes, percolator bongs and ice bongs. The laboratory was also the right place to find 100% distilled water and acetone cleaning agents for maintaining streak-free glistening glassware. Times have moved on but the science is the same, including beaker bongs such as:

  • Crazy Clown Beaker Glass Bong
  • Topaz Beaker Glass Bong with Percolator and Filter
  • Extra-large Beaker Glass Bong with Ice Catcher

Shop Australia’s best bongs online at My Bong Shop and enjoy the difference. We’re Australia’s favourite bong shop for people over 18 years of age for all the right reasons, including an extensive range of bongs, pipes, lighters, scales, grinders, spare parts and lots more smoking accessories.

Discover high-quality bongs for a smoother smoke

Connoisseurs of quality appreciate smoking gear that delivers smoother smoke. Your bong can cool the smoke (with ice if desired) and filter the smoke for toker satisfaction without compromising THC quality or potency. Discover high-quality bubbler bongs, beaker bongs, straight tube bongs, silicone bongs and borosilicate glass bongs designed to withstand heat. We have them all under one roof at My Bong Shop.

Choose from a range of styles and sizes to find the best bong for you

Whether you’re buying your first bong or your fiftieth bong, it can be daunting. The cannabis industry is moving fast, with manufacturers and retailers of cannabis smoking equipment and paraphernalia not far behind. New smoking ideas such as mini bongs, vaporizers and diffusers are in fashion, and bong work is better than ever for anyone looking to upgrade their smoking device. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect bong for you.

Glass thickness - Glass thickness is important because it’s bound to affect how long your bong lasts. Not every smoker is as adept and equipoised as you are after imbibing, and your bong will at some point be knocked over or accidentally kicked. Choose a bong with thicker glass if you plan hanging out with clumsy friends.

Percolators - There are advantages and disadvantages with percolator bongs. Look for smoothness from the filtration but also drag from pulling smoke through tiny percolator holes. For smoking perfectionists with regular bong maintenance habits a percolator bong may be the right choice. Percolator types include:

  • Honeycombs with great filtration and minimal drag.
  • Tree Perc bongs that also offer great filtration and minimal drag.
  • Showerheads that provide average filtration, smoothness, and minimal drag.
  • Inlines that offer good filtration and average drag - great for dab rigs.
  • Turbine bongs producing average filtration and a little more drag than showerheads.

The information is a guide only. Every cannabis user has their own style of dragging and holding the smoke for optimum effect.

Cleaning your bong - Glass bongs look great when clean but they can get discoloured by tar and smoke residue quite fast. If you choose a basic bong with cone, stem and carb hole, cleaning is a simple task. If you choose a bong with one or more percolators cleaning is a little more complicated. Consider purchasing a percolator bong with an ash catcher.

Connecting pieces - The most common sizes for bong connecting joints are 14mm and 19mm. Keep this in mind when shopping for spare parts or accessories such as a downstem or cone piece. By keeping connections consistent you can mix and match spare parts and accessories from My Bong Shop for a tailored smoking experience.

Enhance your experience with high-quality accessories and styles

At My Bong Shop, we understand that every smoker is different. Not everyone uses a bong but they are an essential item for some people who want to refine the smoking experience. Just as vapes and concentrates are an alternative to nicotine, bongs with percolators and filtration systems are a great alternative to old-school joints. Accessories and alternative smoking devices available at My Bong Shop include:

If you’re looking for a take-anywhere metal pipe or glass pipe, or a gripper bong with fitted ice catcher that deserves top shelf display, you will find what you’re looking for at My Bong Shop.

Cleaning glass beaker bongs

Glass beaker bongs from My Bong Shop are designed for comfortable use and convenient cleaning. Many bong components can be taken apart for soaking in hot water or cleaning with a pipe cleaner. For a deep clean, consider using a combination of rubbing alcohol and large grain salt.

  • Fill your bong with as much alcohol as you normally would with water.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of large grain salt into the bong via the mouthpiece.
  • Block all bong openings with your fingers, hold the bong securely, and shake vigorously.
  • For stubborn stains, soak bong components in alcohol or a specialised cleaning product.
  • Give the bong a shine with water and lemon juice or a glass cleaning solution.


What's the difference between pipes and bongs?

Pipes and bongs are both effective ways to smoke cannabis. Pipes don’t have water filtration systems, although the terminology gets confusing when bongs are sometimes called water pipes. However, if you see a smoking device with beaker or other water chamber stage, it’s a bong and not a pipe.

What are the benefits of using a bong?

Bongs are known to produce a smoke that’s cooler, softer, filtered, and easier on the throat and lungs. Bongs don’t create litter and can last for a lifetime with careful use and a regular cleaning routine. Bongs are also great for people who don’t smoke often. The bong is always there when you need it, and the best bongs are all available online at My Bong Shop.


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