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Large Bongs

Large Bongs

Every herb smoker likes to own at least one large bong for ultimate smoking satisfaction. For big bongs, glass water pipes and all accessories for personalised toking, My Bong Shop has the range of equipment you are looking for.

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Benefits of a large bong

More than just a showpiece for your coffee table or mantle shelf, large bongs have lots of benefits. Here are just a few reasons why customers choose bigger, taller, and larger bongs from My Bong Shop.

Percolators - Since the rips from large, tall bongs can be extremely huge, filtration can provide a superior, more comfortable smoking experience. Percolators ensure you get the massive hit without a coughing fit.

Ice Catchers - Cooling down the smoke is another way to enjoy enormous rips without throat irritation. Chill out by using a large bong with an ice catcher.

Built-in downstem - In a big bong, a built-in downstem can make it easier to use. A built-in downstem also provides airtight operation at all times.

Removeable downstem - If you smoke herbs often, a removable downstem will make the bong easier to clean. The stem can also be replaced if it breaks.

Additional large bong styles and accessories can include a tree percolator, double tree perc, honeycomb perc, showerhead perc, matrix perc, ash catcher, and multi-chamber bong percolator bong components for optimum filtration and a smoother hit.

Shop large bongs at My Bong Shop

For a large bong worth owning, look no further than My Bong Shop. We have dozens of premium large bong choices at affordable prices. Here are some of our customer favourites worth considering for your cannabis smoking collection.

Straight Shooter Glass Bong with Triple Honeycomb Filters (35cm) for exotic appeal and a smooth blast every time.

Topaz Beaker Glass Bong with Percolator and Filter (40cm) for a tall bong with a stable base to avoid spills.

Twisted Design Straight Shooter Glass Bong (34cm) is a very attractive ornamental bong that will take pride of place in your living room.

Extra-Large Gripper All-Glass Bong (45cm) that is easy to hold, fun to share, and will be the envy of your friends.

Big and tall novelty bongs

The primary reasons you should buy a large bong include:

  • Smoother smoke: A large bong holds more water in the chamber. This alleviates the potential for throat irritation by filtering and cooling the smoke more thoroughly as it passes through the water.
  • Better filtration: Anything that burns will contain some types of carcinogens. A big bong provides better filtration to eliminate harmful substances for a healthier smoking experience.

The My Bong Shop range includes lots of products that function great and look amazing, including our big and tall novelty bong collection. Here are some popular options.

Simpsons and Family Guy Glass Beaker Bong with iconic character graphics and a wider footprint to ensure that the bong can’t easily tip over.

Crazy Characters Beaker Glass Bong is sure to become a focal talking point with your fellow cannabis connoisseurs.

Chongz Style Rastaman Glass Bong with a curved neck reaching a height of 30cm and is ideally suited for home use.

Go big or go home with a large glass bong

High-quality large bongs and bangers made from borosilicate glass are a big hitter worth owning. Here are a few more reasons why every experienced toker owns at least one big and tall bong.

Mammoth hits - If you enjoy big rips through filtered bong water and want to take your toking to the next level, look no further than long straight tube bongs and other My Bong Shop designer favourites.

Get properly zonked - It will only take a single hit from one of these bad boys to get you flying high and free.

Impress your smoking companions - Your friends will go nuts when they see the size of your new bong, and you will be the life of the party.

Make a statement - An attractive artistic large bong will add real flair to your smoking den and let people know they are in the realm of a serious cannabis connoisseur.

The smoothest hit ever with a large bong

Huge bongs are great for anyone looking to get properly ripped. If you are the type who likes to clear the whole bowl in one go and are looking for the most fun way to smoke, a large bong is sure to do the trick. Shop the collection of large bongs at My Bong Shop and enjoy the premium experience for an affordable price.

Bongs, pipes and parts - My Bong Shop

As Australia’s favourite headshop, My Bong Shop stocks everything you need for herb-smoking pleasure. Explore our bongs, plus a bong parts and accessories range that is second to none. Here you will find bongs of all sizes plus grinders, weigh scales, rolling papers, blunts, jet lighters, electronic lighters, satchel bags, glass pipes, metal pipes, downstems, bowls, and other smoking accessories.

From small to medium to large bongs, find the perfect size for you

The larger the bong, the more percolation. This is due to the airflow that allows optimal perc and filtration for a smoother, cleaner hit. For a more discreet experience, a small bong or medium bong may be the right choice. Small bongs can be easily concealed and transported, making them the go-to device at parties and while out and about.

Shop at My Bong Shop for ultimate purchasing convenience. Simply make a wishlist and proceed to checkout for convenient payment options and speedy delivery directly to your door. We have it all, including carb bongs, perc bongs, and bubbler bongs with rounded mouthpieces for ease of use and maximum effect.


How much do large bongs cost?

Large glass bongs are the premium smoking device. They are considered superior to acrylic and silicone bongs and are generally preferred to vaporizers for providing a bigger hit. Our large bong prices start below $35, and you will get your money’s worth with every toke.

What is the largest-sized bong called?

Reach for the sky with a 40cm Topaz Glass Beaker Bong with a percolator and filter, available at My Bong Shop.


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