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Simpsons and Family Guy Beaker Glass Bong (36cm)

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Simpsons and Family Guy Beaker Glass Bong (36cm)

This is a 36cm beaker glass bong that offers a wide base to hold more water and with the flared design of the beaker, it has a wider footprint which ensures that the bong stays firmly in place whilst in use.

Glass Stem and Cone

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- Height: 360mm

- Made from tough pyrex glass

- Glass stem and cone piece

- Comfortable mouthpiece

The colourful and fun Simpsons and Family Guy designs are attractive and popular which makes this glass beaker bong pop on the shelf. It is the perfect addition to any collection and a wonderful conversation starter with new friends. The designs and illustrations are of very high quality and will retain their attractiveness for years to come if maintained correctly.

The traditional beaker shape offers a bigger bowl for water and for the smoke to filter through. The smoke is pulled through the down stem into the water filtered, cleaned and more importantly cooled, then up through the chamber and provides a big toke of flavour.

When choosing to use a Pyrex glass bong you will have a clean, hygienic and smooth rich smoking experience and because of the filtering and cooling the hit on your mouth and lungs is light. This Simpsons and Family Guy beaker glass bong is easy to maintain and clean as the down stem and cone are removable glass pieces.