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Percolator Bongs

Percolator Bongs

Elevate your smoking experience with My Bong Shop's selection of high-quality percolator bongs. Choose from different types, sizes, designs and colours, all designed with a comfortable mouthpiece and made from durable materials for a smooth and enjoyable session every time.

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What is a percolator bong?

A percolator bong, also called a perc bong, is a type of bong with a built-in feature known as a percolator, or perc for short. This filtration device works by breaking the smoke down into smaller bubbles.

The smoke has more surface area and cools down significantly. This results in a hit that's gentler on the throat and lungs, providing a smoother, cleaner and more satisfying smoking experience. It's perfect for anyone who finds traditional bongs a bit too harsh or simply prefers their smoke chilled and filtered.

What are the benefits of percolator bongs?

Percolator bongs bring a lot to the table when it comes to enhancing your smoking experience. The main draw is their ability to provide a smoother hit. Their benefits include:

  • Improved filtration: Percolators provide better filtration by removing more impurities for a cleaner smoking experience.
  • Smoother hits: The percolator's filtration system makes each puff less harsh and easier on the throat.
  • Cooler smoke: Percolators cool down the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece.
  • Enhanced flavour: With impurities filtered out, the true flavour of the smoke comes through and offers a more authentic taste.
  • Aesthetic appeal: These bongs often come in a wide variety of colours and feature interesting designs that add a visual element to your smoking experience.
  • Variety and customisation: With different types of percolators, you can choose one that suits your preferences.

How does a percolator bong enhance the smoking experience?

A percolator bong enhances the smoking experience by adding a layer of filtration and cooling that you won’t find in standard bongs. As the percolator splits the smoke into tiny bubbles, it lets the water in the bong cool and filters it more efficiently. The result is a smoother, cooler hit.

Percolator bongs also have top-notch durability. They're made from materials like Pyrex glass and a combination of silicone and glass. Whether you go for a silicone one that can bounce back or a glass one that's made to last, you're getting something that won't need replacing any time soon.

How do I choose the right size percolator bong for my needs?

Choosing the right perc bong size comes down to understanding your smoking habits and preferences. When deciding on the size of your percolator bong, consider the following:

  • Portability: If you're always on the go, a compact percolator bong might be what you need. It's easier to transport and quick to set up anywhere.
  • Smoking frequency: For those who smoke frequently, a larger bong with a more advanced percolation system could enhance daily sessions.
  • Session size: Solo smokers might prefer a smaller bong, while those who often smoke with friends might benefit from a larger bong size to accommodate group sessions.
  • Cleaning ease: Smaller bongs are generally easier to clean, as there are fewer parts and less surface area to deal with.

How do you clean a percolator bong?

Regular cleaning maintains the quality and durability of your perc bong and ensures the smoothest smoking experience every time. Here's a simple step-by-step percolator bong cleaning guide to get your bong looking and functioning like new.

  1. Empty the bong: Start by pouring out any old water from your perc bong. It's best to do this as soon as you're done using it to prevent residue build-up.
  2. Rinse with warm water: Give the bong a good rinse with warm water. This helps loosen any residue stuck inside the perc and the bong itself.
  3. Prepare the bong cleaning solution: Mix a cleaning solution of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. The alcohol helps break down the residue, while the salt acts as a scrubbing agent without scratching the glass.
  4. Fill the bong with the solution: Pour the cleaning solution into the bong, ensuring it gets into the percolator. For a thorough clean, make sure the solution fills up the bong just enough to cover all the areas that need cleaning.
  5. Shake gently: Cover the mouthpiece and downstem opening with your hands or plastic wrap and shake the bong gently. This helps the cleaning solution work its way through the perc and other hard-to-reach areas.
  6. Let it sit: Allow the bong to sit with the cleaning solution inside for at least an hour. This soaking time helps dissolve the tougher grime and build-up.
  7. Scrub if necessary: For stubborn residue, use a brush or pipe cleaner to gently scrub the perc and other parts of the bong. Be gentle to avoid damaging the bong.
  8. Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the bong several times with warm water to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. It's crucial to ensure no residue from the solution is left behind.
  9. Dry completely: Let the bong air dry completely, or use a clean, lint-free cloth to dry it.

Find your ideal perc bong at My Bong Shop

Ready to enhance your smoking experience with a high-quality percolator bong? At My Bong Shop, we cater to Australian enthusiasts with our wide selection of percolator bongs.

Our range includes different types of percolators in various sizes, designs and colours, such as the honeycomb percolator, beaker bong, straight shooter glass bong with percolator, tree percolator bong and UFO percolator bong. We also have options with cone pieces and water pipes.

Shop high-quality perc bongs at regular prices and sale prices, and get excellent value for your money. We also offer mini hookahs, gripper bongs, grinders, rolling papers and other bong accessories. For orders $75 AUD or more, enjoy free shipping across Australia at checkout.


Are perc bongs hard to clean?

Cleaning perc bongs requires a bit more effort due to their extra features, but with the right approach, it's certainly manageable. Using a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt for perc bong cleaning ensures they remain in top condition.

Are percolator bongs worth it?

Yes, percolator bongs are a great investment if you’re seeking for a superior smoking experience. Their design allows for enhanced smoke filtration and cooling that provides smoother and more enjoyable hits, making them a valuable addition to your collection.