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Gripper Bongs

Gripper Bongs

Distracted weed smokers are notoriously clumsy and nothing destroys the vibe more than spilling bong water on the coffee table. The solution - gripper bongs from My Bong Shop made from break-resistant glass and featuring a firm hand-grip for a fully satisfying experience.

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Glass gripper bongs to enhance your smoking experience

Everyone knocks over or spills a bong at least once during their smoking career. Although a shameful indiscretion in the eyes of your fellow smokers, dropping a bong is part of the pot smoking learning curve. However, there is another way. Gripper bongs help you keep a firm hold on your precious cargo so you can focus on lighting up for a successful hit. 

Hold your bong with confidence and comfort

Ensure you never drop a bong again by using an innovative gripper bong from My Bong Shop. Gripper bongs are purposefully designed with a pistol-like grip that allows even the most spaced-out smoking cadet to handle the equipment with confidence and comfort. 

Glass bongs are the preferred favourite with smokers Australia-wide, and gripper bongs take smoking equipment to the next level of convenience. If you’re new to smoking and haven’t yet decided which bong is best for you, take some time to explore the great options available at My Bong Shop. Glass water bong advantages include:

Better filtration: Lighting anything with fire can produce unwanted compounds. Using a glass bong with water filtration reduces harmful substances for a healthier smoking experience. With a gripper bong, ash and other unwanted particles stay in the water, and some bongs even include ash catchers for an even cleaner experience. 

Reduce bacteria and mould: A well-designed bong traps bacteria and mould. Contaminants are filtered by water so they don’t reach your lungs. Change the water between sessions to get the most out of your bong, and consider cleaning your bong periodically with detergent, alcohol, Epsom salt or Acetone. 

Get bigger hits: Using a glass bong allows users to take a massive rip, and a gripper bong will allow you to focus on the task at hand. It only takes one or two hits to get the party started when using a gripper glass bong. 

Bongs are fun and ornamental: My Bong Shop bongs are practical, economical, and artistic. They make excellent conversation starters and are lots of fun. The moldability of borosilicate glass allows artists to craft innovative and artistic bongs in an endless variety of shapes. 

Glass gripper bongs in a range of sizes

As Australia’s favourite online bong shop, My Bong Shop showcases the latest products to hit the market. Glass gripper bongs are attracting a whole new legion of fans, and you don’t need to be a fumbling butterfingers to appreciate the difference. Our range includes gripper bongs in various sizes, such as:

Small Gripper Glass Bong - easy to handle yet big enough to filter the smoke for a soft, cool chug.

Medium Gripper Glass Bong - user friendly smoking equipment with an ergonomic grip for optimum comfort and satisfaction. 

Large Gripper Glass Bong - display your weed equipment with pride and enjoy powerful filtration and an unequalled hit. 

Extra-Large Gripper All Glass Bong - an artistic creation that delivers a power-packed high and deserving pride of place on your mantle shelf. 

Cleaning and maintaining your glass bong

Glass gripper bongs are fun to use and easy to clean. For everyday use you only need to ensure there are no blockages. Simply rinse the bong out and add fresh water. Occasionally you might like to perform a thorough cleaning and inspection of your bong. Here are some steps to take.

  • Separate the bong pieces. Consider wearing latex gloves to avoid resin getting stuck on your hands.
  • Rinse out the components in hot water to remove bigger chunks of resin that can clog up the bong.
  • Use a pipe cleaner or cotton swabs to remove stubborn stuck-on resin. Resin chunks can also be knocked off with regular scrubbing.
  • Place smaller bong parts in separate resealable plastic bags for soaking. Add your choice of cleaning fluid and salt to the bags and allow the bong components to soak.
  • Shake the bag for a minute or two. The bong components should become visibly clean. For stubborn stains, soak bong parts for several hours.
  • Rinse everything with hot water. You can add lemon juice to remove any water/salt stains.
  • Dry the bong thoroughly, then load up the bowl and test your newly cleaned equipment out.  

Benefits of using a glass gripper bong

The benefit of a gripper glass bong is in having a bong that gives you a sense of confidence when holding, passing and sharing it. It’s no secret that happy smokers can get distracted, making a gripper bong a savvy purchase. At My Bong shop you’ll find attractive and easy to handle glass bongs that include a pistol-grip for peace of mind plus a sturdy base and large chamber for producing  clean, cool, pot smoking pleasure. 

Experience a smoother smoke with gripper bongs

While smoking joints or using a small pipe are totally acceptable ways of getting high, they can also cause throat irritation when inhaling. A gripper bong, on the other hand, cools down the smoke by passing it through water before inhaling. A glass water bong provides a smoother, softer hit without affecting marijuana potency. 

A bong that looks and feels great

When it comes to smoking weed, looks aren’t everything, but they do go a long way toward getting the party started. Check out gripper bongs artistically created with a full glass body, pistol grip and airtight cone piece available at My Bong Shop. Gripper bongs are easy to handle and can be the best bong for beginners. 

Alternative popular bong designs available at My Bong Shop include beaker bongs, novelty bongs, glass bongs and even mini hookahs for a new spin on an old favourite. We have them all available under one roof at My Bong Shop, plus all the accessories and spare parts you need to personalise your equipment for ultimate smoking pleasure. 


How many pieces are there in a gripper bong?

Gripper bongs are stylistic, but also rely on traditional bong components:

  • Bowl (cone)
  • Downstem
  • Tube (water chamber)
  • Base
  • Mouthpiece

Your bong can also include a carb hole, ice catcher, percolator, filters and more. 

What is the significance of the name "Gripper Bongs"?

It’s all in the name. The hand-trigger design gives these bongs their name, and countless weed fans appreciate the comfort and convenience gripper bongs provide.

Disclaimer: All products are legitimately sold from Trade Marketing P/L, ACT. The onus is on the buyer to make the necessary enquiries in relation to the legality of the products we sell in the state the buyer resides.