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Rolling Tray

Rolling Tray

A rolling tray may seem like a simple item, but it is also a versatile smoking accessory that every weed lover needs. Your rolling tray will stop the weed from falling on the floor and being lost, and it can be used as a backup ashtray and a discreet place to store dry herbs and rolling papers.

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Shop rolling trays in a range of colours and designs

For newcomers to the world of weed, a rolling tray may seem too simple to offer genuine benefits. However, this versatile item is actually very useful for both seasoned joint smokers and novices. If you use a bong or rolling paper, a rolling tray in the colours and design of your choice is a must-have. Even get creative and cover your rolling tray in stickers!

Get the easiest rolling experience with a rolling tray

Are you always on the go, visiting friends or enjoying the outdoors? Do you often have friends drop over for smoking sessions? These are typical things to consider before buying a suitable rolling tray. The size of the tray you choose should suit your lifestyle and weed-smoking style. For example, a small and compact rolling tray is ideal if you travel often.

A rolling tray will keep your smoking accessories together even while on the move, and you won’t have to roll your joints on a dirty table or unstable surface. Larger rolling trays are great for entertaining and organising sliders, clipper lighters, hemp wraps, or bangers for your dab rig. They offer plenty of room so you can stay organised and roll excellent joints.

Shop small rolling trays for discreet on-the-go use

A standard raw metal rolling tray with raised edges can make life much easier. Small and mini rolling trays are portable workstations that also provide storage for dry herbs, king-size Raw rolling papers, lighters, rolling machines, and more. My Bong Shop metal rolling trays are a reliable, durable, and inexpensive way to stay organised. Choose from our collection of cool and quirky rolling tray designs.

Small Rolling Tray: The perfect solution for portable convenience. Measures L: 180mm; H: 125mm

Large Rolling Tray: No mess, no fuss rolling at home with friends. Measures L: 270mm; H: 175mm

Easy-to-clean rolling trays that double as ashtrays

Rolling joints can get messy, particularly if you are a newbie or not skilled at rolling. Even pro rollers can drop precious pot crumbs when mulling or cutting homemade filters. In a worst-case scenario, weed bits can get lost forever on the carpet.

A simple and effective rolling tray will help you avoid this problem by catching whatever you may drop. Plus, there is no cleaning up to do after the rolling is complete - it’s all safely stored on the tray. You may also experience situations with nowhere to dispose of your ash or store remnants of a joint. No problem when you have a handy rolling tray to use.

Roll the perfect joint with a rolling tray and rolling papers

Rolling a joint on your lap can be difficult, if not impossible for beginners. You will go from hero to zero in no time if you fumble and drop the precious herbs. It’s one thing to drop herbs on the coffee table, but an entirely different world of distress to spill everything on a car seat or lawn. At best it will be embarrassing and it may leave you all dressed up and hanging out with no herb to smoke.

Your lap wasn’t designed for balancing rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, grinders, a stash box, and herbs, but help is at hand. Simply lay a rolling tray on your lap and you are good to go and can focus your attention on rolling a high-quality joint. Joint rolling takes practice and you are bound to roll some rejects before you perfect the art. A convenient rolling tray will take your spliff rolling results to the next level in no time.

If you are a beginner, a rolling tray will make everything more manageable and enjoyable. Simply place your materials on the tray, grind up the herbs and get rolling. It won’t be long before you are rolling joints you can be proud of.

Accurately measure your herbs every time with a pocket scale

Pocket scales are portable weighing instruments. Digital scales are small enough to carry in a pocket or purse and the perfect size for weighing small amounts of cannabis. My Bong Shop scales are the same as those used by jewellers, schools, and laboratories to measure small object mass accurately. Benefits of My Bong Shop scales include:

  • Take it anywhere in your pocket, purse, or backpack
  • Measurements with 0.01g precision every time
  • Easy maintenance with a small surface area and few moving parts

Shop grinders and rolling trays for a premium smoking experience

A grinder will break down cannabis chunks into a small, consistent mix that is perfect for rolling in a joint or loading into a bong bowl. My Bong Shop stocks a great range of high-quality grinder tins for your smoking pleasure. Popular four-piece metal grinders are comprised of:

  • A lid with grinding teeth
  • A grind section with teeth
  • A storage chamber that stores weed and filters kief
  • A kief catcher to collect cannabis crystals (trichomes)

Discover the range of My Bong Shop accessories

My Bong Shop is the Aussie favourite online supplier of all herb smoking devices and accessories. Our glass bong collection is second to none, including beaker bongs, hookahs with a silicone hose, bubbler bongs, gripper bongs and more. We are also the go-to store for metal pipes, glass pipes, ash catchers, satchel bags, jet lighters, electronic lighters, bong parts, rolling papers, and XXL cone blunts.

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What is a rolling tray used for?

A rolling tray will keep your precious cannabis from spilling onto your lap or onto the floor. It can also be used to hold all your smoking accessories so you can focus on rolling the perfect joint.

Where can I buy a rolling tray?

My Bong Shop is where Aussies shop for the highest quality bongs and smoking accessories. We have both small and large sturdy rolling trays that will last for years of herb-smoking pleasure.