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RAW Crystal Glass Rolling Tray

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RAW Crystal Glass Rolling Tray

The RAW crystal glass rolling tray is a must have accessory for all smokers! No longer will you have to worry about your papers and herbs scattering on your table or floor because this awesome rolling tray can keep it all in one place without making a mess.

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- Dimensions: 27.5cm x 17.5cm x 3cm

- Authentic RAW product

- Sold in a gift box

- Made from solid glass

Unlike traditional metal or plastic trays, the RAW crystal glass rolling tray has many advantages that make it an ideal choice for joint rolling. The durable glass surface helps you easily move around joints, preventing any spillages and allowing for more accurate results when crafting up perfect ganja treats! The large size mean there’s plenty of room to hold everything you need - such as grinders, lighters, filters, etc so there’s no need to run back and forth while trying to find items in the middle of a roll!

Not only does the RAW crystal glass rolling tray make quick work out of complex rolls but it looks good too! Add some class to any smoking session with this practical yet elegant piece of equipment suitable for all levels - from newcomers to experienced smokers alike. Once youre done enjoying your tasty creations, just give it a quick wipe with warm water or mild detergent.