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Jobon Single Jet Premium Lighter

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Jobon Single Jet Premium Lighter

This Jobon single jet premium lighter with a curved neck is an absolute must have accessory for any smoker. It's sleek and stylish design is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the precise flame of the lighter allows you to light up with ease.

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- Lighter sold in a gift box

- High quality Jobon jet lighter

- No gas - lighter is empty

Instead of using standard lighters at a lower capacity that require refilling regularly, this more powerful lighter lets you use it frequently without ever having to worry about running out of gas anytime soon. The great thing about this product is it comes in a special gift box so no matter if you're using it for yourself or giving as a gift, it's high quality presentation will look impressive either way!

The box also provides optimal protection for safekeeping against dust, dirt or damage when storing away after use - making sure your purchase lasts longer than expected compared to other lighters. In addition, because of it's ergonomic design made from zinc alloy which ensures durable construction while keeping your hands comfortable during use. This Jobon single jet pocket sized curved lighter makes an ideal choice when looking for a quality lighter that not only looks exceptional but perform incredibly well also - just add one of these into your smoking ensemble today and never go back again!