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As cannabis use is slowly becoming accepted in progressive society, bongs are also coming out of the shadows. Smokers no longer hide shameful unhygienic plastic bongs under chairs where they are inevitably accidently kicked over, instead choosing artistically created My Bong Shop bongs that can be ornamentally displayed in optimum working order and ready for use.


There was a time when shisha water pipes were too exotic to handle and the Marijuana Party was little more than a few disguised smoke shops in some of our bigger cities. Times have moved on and people feel freer these days to unfurl the five-leaved flag and voice their support for smoker's rights.

My Bong Shop supports the ideal. We are Australia's favourite bong shop for all the right reasons, including a range of bongs and smoking accessories for every type of smoker. We are the one-stop online shop with convenient service and speedy delivery to your door. If you're over 18 years of age, welcome to My Bong Shop and feel free to explore our great products such as:


An essential for most smokers, with lots of great choices including glass bongs, beaker bongs and percolator bongs, to name a few.


No need to replace your favourite bong when you can purchase replacement stems, cones, dabbers and bong kits.


Your smoking accessories might include jet lighters, rolling trays, small glass or metal pipe, weigh scales and other handy items.


Glass bongs are the most popular variety on the market. They are attractive, ornamental, and can include percolators and other smoke filtration systems. The visual appeal of bong smoke twisting and filtering its way through a glass bong is a major feature of My Bong Shop products that include:

  • Chongz-Style Rastaman Glass Bong
  • Leaf Design Straight Shooter Glass Bong with Percolator
  • Rainbow Straight Shooter Glass Bong with Triple Filters

All My Bong Shop bongs are available online for convenient shopping and speedy dispatch to your door. If it's time to upgrade your old bong, start exploring My Bong Shop options today.

Find the best bongs, blunts, and pipes online in Australia

Without the need to blow our own trumpet, we are proud to be the go-to online store in Australia for bongs, blunts, pipes and smoking accessories. All our products are hand selected for quality, durability and style. My Bong Shop partners with major bong and smoking accessories brands to deliver highest quality products for the best available price. For the best bongs Australia has to offer and all the bong accessories you need, look no further than My Bong Shop.

Discover bongs, rolling papers, and more at My Bong Shop

Bongs are very useful and convenient, but every smoker enjoys variety. It could be time to explore My Bong Shop rolling papers, blunts and pipes for a different spin on smoking. We select only highest quality rolling papers and accessories from well known manufacturers such as RAW, Cyclone, ROOR and Juicy Jay so you can enjoy the size, style and cannabis taste you're looking for. We have it all under one roof at My Bong Shop.


Everyone has their own bong style, whether it be a simple and discreet small bong or a showpiece of cutting edge smoking science for proud display. The great news is that in one sense all bongs are created equal and using any quality bong from My Bong Shop will deliver the results you're looking for. Here is a selection of cheap bongs and high-end bongs available at My Bong Shop for your smoking pleasure.

  • Extra-Small Glass Bong with Rubber Base
  • Baby Glass Bong Rainbow
  • Medium Glass Bong Glow In The Dark
  • Micky Mouse Beaker Glass Bong
  • Twisted Design Straight Shooter Glass Bong
  • Designer Spiral All-Glass Bong
  • Topaz Beaker Glass Bong with Percolator and Filter
  • Extra-large Beaker Glass Bong with Ice Catcher


In the past, smoking cannabis was a time-poor exercise involving assembling bong materials and procuring smoking matter from the other side of town. Today, all the bong components and accessories you need for happy and successful smoking are available directly from My Bong Shop. Our bongs are the alternative to cumbersome and uneconomical hookahs that burn through dry herb too fast. For smoking products and accessories at prices our competitors can't match, you can trust My Bong Shop.

Enhance your experience with our high-quality smoking products

People expect quality along with value for money, and My Bong Shop delivers on all fronts. It's our aim to enhance your experience with high-quality smoking products. A quality bong delivers cannabis more effectively with every hit so there is no waste and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our reputation is built on high-quality smoking products our customers love, and you will love them too.

Australian bongs and smoking products with discreet packaging

At My Bong Shop we realise that not everyone understands or appreciates the benefits of medical and recreational cannabis. To make things less obvious, your purchases are delivered in discreet packaging that won't raise any eyebrows from curious neighbours.


A bong is at its economical best when all bong components are working effectively together. It's good to know that your smoking style is backed by an inventory of spare parts to ensure optimum bong performance and smoker satisfaction. My Bong Shop parts and accessories include:

  • cone pieces
  • ash catchers
  • digital scales
  • lighters
  • grinders
  • downstems
  • dab rigs
  • papers/blunts

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Explore a Variety of Smoking Products at My Bong Shop

If you are accustomed to smoking a bong, vape, cigarette or hookah, you will appreciate the difference your own smoking brand and style can make. You don't need a vaporizer with adapter or any other fancy equipment. That's why My Bong Shop showcases a wide range of easy-to-operate bong styles, such as:

  • beaker bong
  • bubbler bong
  • Rasta bong
  • glass bong with silicone base
  • gripper bong
  • acrylic bong
  • perc bong


How much are bongs in Australia?

Bongs can range in price from around $20 up to well over $100. Today's bongs not only look superior to old-school home-made jobs, they work much better also, and the investment you make in a quality bong from My Bong Shop will be repaid with every smoke.

Where to find the best bong shop online?

Right here at My Bong Shop. It's our mission to deliver best quality bongs, bong parts and accessories from major Australian and international retailers, and we pass the savings on to you, so open an account, make a wishlist, proceed to checkout and enjoy shopping the convenient My Bong Shop way.


All products are legitimately sold from Trade Marketing P/L, ACT.

The onus is on the buyer to make the necessary enquiries in relation to the legality of the products we sell in the state the buyer resides.

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