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Premium Bongs

Premium Bongs

Ensure a quality smoke with premium bongs from My Bong Shop. Stylish and reliable, our premium glass bongs, pipes and accessories deliver a perfect hit time after time.

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Discover crystal glass bongs

Discover crystal glass bongs for high-quality, showstopping visual appeal and a powerful cannabis smoking experience. Crystal and glass bongs are our bestsellers, and there are quite a few reasons why. Firstly, they look the part. Offered in cool, ornamental designs, they look enticing on the shelf and (with proper care) will last you a lifetime. Most importantly, however, they offer a superior smoking experience. And here’s why:


  • Smoother hit - Glass water pipe bongs filter and cool the smoke.
  • Filtering - Ash and residue chemicals are filtered out.
  • Powerful smoking - Glass bongs allow you to smoke more in a single hit.
  • Pure Flavour - Glass won’t carry the unsavoury flavours of other materials.
  • Features - Glass bongs can accommodate filters, percolators, ice catchers and more.

Whilst glass bongs might cost more upfront, the long-term investment is worth it. Plus, they generate a lot less waste than plastic. Glass styles are infinitely reusable and an eco-friendly option, perfect for recyclers.


Shop premium bongs in cool designs

Browse our range of artistic premium bongs. From super stylish to quirky novelty bongs, we showcase a unique variety of designs and cool prints that will excite you and your smoking buddies. Although bongs can be crafted from acrylic, silicone or wood, our borosilicate glass bongs are by far customer favourites. Our premium collection includes small, medium and large bongs, beaker bongs, gripper bongs, novelty bongs and straight shooters. Here are a couple of our favourites:

  • The Crystal All Glass Bong
  • Rainbow Straight Shooter Glass Bong with Triple Filters
  • Extra Large Gripper All Glass Bong (45cm)

Tall and extra tall bongs with a bubble base

A tall ornamental glass bong with a bubble base offers the ultimate smoking ritual. The extra tall 46cm tall bong with bubble vase is a true collector’s piece. Guests will be impressed by this spectacular-looking device made entirely from Pyrex glass (including downstem and cone) and beautifully painted. But beyond great looks, this bong offers a premium smoking experience. Let’s look at the two main reasons:

  • Intense hits - smoke travels up the straight chamber to the mouthpiece quickly and efficiently. The chamber can hold a lot of smoke resulting in a rich, intense toke. Clear the whole bowl in a single hit to get nicely ripped.
  • Optimum Filtration - The large bubble vase allows extra water that ensures smoke from the downstem is filtered and cooled correctly avoiding throat irritation.


Another great benefit of large bong styles is that they can accommodate various accessories like ash catchers and percolator bong components such as your honeycomb perc.


Straight tube bongs and beaker bongs

No matter what kind of smoking apparatus you’re into, you’ll find it at Australia’s favourite online smoking destination, My Bong Shop. From straight tubes to glass beaker bongs, we’ve got a classic collection that offers impressive functionality and a smooth smoking experience.

Beaker Bongs are a favourite amongst enthusiasts for their stylish design and solid smoking experience. Benefits include:

  • A sturdy, stable base that won’t be knocked over
  • Greater water capacity resulting in better filtration
  • Easy to use (suitable for beginners)
  • Capacity for percolators for extra filtration
  • A wide beaker bong base offers a big hit

Straight Shooter Bongs offer a tight and intense toke, and the large smoke chamber gives you a strong, rich, smooth hit. Some customer favourites include:

  • Roor Straight Shooter Glass Bong with Ice Catcher
  • Topaz Beaker Glass Bong with Percolator and Filter
  • Rainbow Straight Shooter Glass Bong with Triple Filters (39cm)

Discover water pipes in various shapes and sizes

Shop with Australia’s favourite supplier My Bong Shop to find all the best water pipes and hand pipes for the perfect smoking session. Get inspired for your next smoke with our top-shelf selection, including glass shooter bongs, perc bongs, beaker bongs, bubbler bongs, carb bongs, pre-rolled cones and mini acrylic hookahs. If you’re over 18 years of age, then My Bong Shop is your one-stop shop for hand pipes and smoking accessories.


Find all your bong parts and accessories at My Bong Shop

Find all the necessary bong parts and the best accessories for your smoking needs right here at My Bong Shop. Shop for water pipes, hand pipes, cone pieces, bangers, blunts, digital scales, metal stem adapters, dab oil rigs, connectors, lighters and papers. Our convenient online service offers fast delivery (and discrete packaging) right to your door.


Things to consider when buying a bong

One of the most significant considerations in choosing a bong will be the size. New beginners might choose a small, uncomplicated bong for starting out. A portable baby glass bong concentrates hits for an easy no-fuss smoke.

Most smokers eventually like to collect a range of bongs to suit different scenarios. Seasoned smokers prefer larger glass bongs that allow a bigger hit and a greater choice of unique features and accessories. Of course, before hitting the checkout, decide whether the bong needs to be portable or if it will be a permanent fixture in your living room.


Get a perfectly blended mix with a grinder

Achieve the perfect cannabis blend with the help of a professional grinder. The fine grind will significantly improve your smoke or vape experience. Grinders prepare your dried herbs quickly, eliminating waste and preventing blockages in the stem or cone. Plus, a multi-part grinder won’t expose your precious weed to too much oxygen, preserving its rich potency.



What is a premium bong?

Our premium bongs are some of the top styles on the market, crafted for those who love a premium smoking experience. Our glass and crystal bongs feature loads of exciting bells and whistles, putting them at the top of every smoking enthusiast’s wishlist.


What size is a premium bong?

Premium bongs tend to be the larger styles (ranging from approximately 30-46 cm in height). That’s because large bongs offer superior filtration and rich, intense hits. The larger size allows them to accommodate additional accessories for a customised experience.



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