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Novelty Bongs

Novelty Bongs

High functioning glass bongs are becoming essential household equipment for weed fans. No longer hidden in the shadows, today’s bongs are showy creations moulded from almost unbreakable glass, including novelty bongs designed for a laugh, without compromising the quality of your smoke.

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Start your collection with novelty bongs

Novelty bongs are contemporary collectibles. My Bong Shop novelty bongs are high-quality and unique, allowing you to show off your individual style. Every marijuana smoker needs at least one quality bong, but why stop at one? Check back often with My Bong Shop to discover the latest and best equipment on the market, including novelty bongs that allow you to express your personality.

Novelty bong features for a satisfying smoke

At My Bong Shop, we stock the latest and best products from experienced bong manufacturers. A quality bong can last a lifetime, making your purchase a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable one. Here are some bong features worth investigating. 

Glass type and thickness: At My Bong Shop you will find highest-quality equipment made from borosilicate glass, the same as used to make almost unbreakable Pyrex crockery. Our bongs are solid, thick, sturdy and attractive.

Bowl depth: The deeper and bigger the bong bowl, the more weed you can fit in it. Our novelty bongs aren’t just for show - they deliver a superior hit compared to other types of weed smoking equipment.

Water filtration: If you’re finding joints or small hand pipes are too harsh on your throat, it’s worth considering a novelty bubbler bong. Smoke is filtered and cooled for a pleasurable hit without throat irritation.

Bong size: Bongs come in all shapes and sizes these days. Explore options that include small bongs, medium bongs, large bongs and extra-large bongs that deliver maximum smoke for the ultimate high. 

Bong price: A new novelty glass bong from My Bong Shop is a long-lasting investment, but value for money is important. We have the buying power to partner with leading bong makers, and we pass the savings on to you with best available bong prices.  

High-quality novelty bongs in Australia

My Bong Shop is Australia’s favourite online bong and smoking accessories retailer for all the right reasons. We showcase more high-quality bongs than anyone else at prices our competitors can’t match. Make smoking weed more laughs than ever by unleashing your new novelty bong on unsuspecting friends. Novelty bongs available include:

Starbud Coffee Cup Glass Bong - emulating the classic coffee cup design from a world-famous coffee brand.

Burger King Cup Glass Bong - just when you thought the munchies were a thing of the past.

Penis Bong - Glass (20cm) - size does matter, and this 20cm artistic bong delivers the surprise factor and a very satisfying (or slightly disturbing) experience. 

Make smoking fun with our quality glass novelty bongs

Unleash your new novelty glass bong on friends and make smoking pot more fun than ever. Our collection of high-quality glass bongs are conversation starters available in a huge range of shapes, colours and styles for every type of weed enthusiast. A novelty glass bong adds visual appeal to the experience along with your own style of personalised smoking sophistication.

The perfect glass bongs for every smoke session are all available online at My Bong Shop. Other great novelty bong ideas include:

Shop our range of unique discreet and decorative bongs

Without needing to blow our own trumpet, the My Bong Shop range is second to none. All products are available online for discreet delivery directly to your door. Your new decorative bong from My Bong Shop deserves showing off on your mantle shelf, and when you are ready to enjoy good times your trusty bong will be there for you. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Keeping your bong collection clean

Glass bongs, novelty bongs, beaker bongs and gripper bongs can always look as-new with an occasional deep clean. Here are a few tips to help you keep your bong looking great and functioning optimally. 

  • Separate the bong pieces. You can wear latex gloves to avoid resin getting stuck on your hands.
  • Rinse out the pieces in hot water to remove bigger chunks of resin that clog up the downpipe and bowl.
  • Use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab to remove stubborn resin. Most resin chunks can be knocked off with regular scrubbing.
  • Place smaller bong parts in separate resealable plastic bags. Add cleaning fluid and salt to the bags and allow the components to soak. 
  • Shake the bag for a minute or two and the bong pieces should become visibly cleaner. For stubborn stains, soak bong pieces for several hours.
  • Rinse everything with hot water. You can add lemon juice, Acetone or other agents to remove stains on glassware.
  • Dry your bong thoroughly for an as-new look, then fire it up for a test run.

What are the features of a novelty bong?

The main difference between novelty bongs and other glass bongs is the design and graphics. Novelty bongs can include all the progressive features of other glass bongs such as percolators, filters, ash catchers and more. Major bong components include:

The Bowl (cone): This is where the dry herb is packed ready for combustion.

The Carb: This feature allows you to clear smoke in the chamber for a better hit. 

The Downstem: Where smoke passes through from the bowl to the bong chamber.

The Chamber: Filled with water to filter smoke for a smooth, cool hit. 

The Tube(mouthpiece): This fills with smoke after it has been percolated in the water.

The Base: Designed to improve stability for a user-friendly experience.  

Shop from My Bong Shop best sellers

If you’re searching for something new and different for your bong collection, look no further than the classic and contemporary offerings available at My Bong Shop. From quirky mini hookahs to sturdy beaker bongs, glass bongs and gripper bongs that are almost undroppable, we have them all on show.

Simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for convenient payment and speedy delivery to your door Australia-wide. Times have changed for Australian weed fans, so move with the times and upgrade your equipment with stylish new bongs, grinders and other bong accessories from My Bong Shop. 


Are novelty bongs water pipes?

Yes they are. Novelty bongs available at My Bong Shop are superior water pipes designed for optimum performance and a mighty weed hit like no other.

What are novelty bongs?

Novelty bongs are kooky, quirky and ornamental. They are a great talking point to get the party started, and after a few tokes on your novelty bong the party will take off to the next level. 

Disclaimer: All products are legitimately sold from Trade Marketing P/L, ACT. The onus is on the buyer to make the necessary enquiries in relation to the legality of the products we sell in the state the buyer resides.