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Yoda Mini Glass Bong 1

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Introducing the ultimate smoking companion, the 12.7cm Yoda mini glass bong! Crafted with precision and designed for maximum efficiency, this mini bong will take your smoking experience to a whole new level.

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- Height: 12.7cm

- Removable glass cone piece

- Random colour sent

- Portable

Standing at just 12.7cm tall, this compact glass bong packs a powerful punch. It's sleek design allows for smooth and effortless draws while it's sturdy base ensures stability during use. The high quality silicone used in it's construction guarantees durability, making it a long lasting addition to your collection.

What truly sets the Yoda mini glass bong apart is it's unique Yoda shaped design. Indulge in an immersive experience as you channel your inner Jedi with every hit. Whether you're looking for a solo session or sharing with friends, the 12.7cm Yoda mini glass bong is perfect for all occasions. Elevate your smoking game and feel like a force to be reckoned with each time you light up with this must have accessory!