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Jet Lighters

Jet Lighters

Jet lighters use butane to produce an ultra-hot, precise flame that lights up your cigars and water pipes quickly and evenly. Enjoy a smoother, cleaner taste with single, double and triple flame torches that are refillable and adjustable.

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What is a jet lighter?

When precision is key to good smoke, you can’t beat a jet flame lighter. Also called flame torches, blow torches and jet torches, these beauties use butane to produce an air-propelled blue flame that’s much hotter, stronger and more consistent than the standard lighter.

With an adjustable flame that’s resistant to windy weather, jet torch lighters give you an even burn that’s smoother, cleaner and more flavourful. Single flames are great for more control and precision while double and triple flames burn faster and cover a wider surface area.

How do they work?

While standard lighters let gas out and use the surrounding air to set it on fire, jet torch lighters bring in air from the outside to mix with the fuel before ignition. The result is a blue flame that’s much hotter and more powerful. This flame is also more precise, allowing you full control over how you light your smoke of choice.

Double jet and triple jet blow torches burn even hotter and light up faster, able to burn a wider surface area quickly and evenly.

Jet lighters vs standard lighters

The difference lies in the delivery system. Standard lighters work by using the surrounding air to create a soft flame that’s orange and prone to flickering. Blow torches suck in air from the outside to mix with the fuel before ignition and produce a powerful, precise flame that’s extremely hot and stable. It can be pointed in any direction and the flame sticks straight out, letting you light up at any angle and achieve an even burn. High-quality butane is also odourless for a clean burn that doesn’t affect the natural flavour and aroma of the smoking product.

Are butane gas lighters refillable?

Yes, blow torches can be filled again when empty and used an indefinite amount of times. Refillable lighters are an excellent investment if you love to smoke frequently as they prevent you from having to spend money on disposable lighters each time they run out.

Shop Jobon blow torches at My Bong Shop in a variety of designs and colours to suit your style, from striking dragon-inspired designs to curved, rectangular, tube and easy-grip options in modern colours.

Advantages of using a jet torch lighter

For many smoking aficionados, a jet torch lighter is an essential accessory that delivers an unrivalled smoking experience. These lighters come with a ton of advantages:

  • Aim the flame in any direction - Get more precision to light your cigars and water pipes by aiming the flame in any direction you wish without the risk of burning your fingers.
  • Stronger, hotter flame - Butane produces an ultra-hot, powerful flame that’s consistent.
  • Windproof - Torch lighters are windproof so you can easily light up in any weather condition.
  • More durable - They last longer than standard lighters and can be refilled as needed.
  • Low toxicity - With a flawless flame, cigar lighters are less toxic than standard lighters as they don’t produce carbon monoxide. This results in a clean burn and a smooth smoke.
  • Faster burn - Butane lights faster than other fuels.
  • Easy to use - Light up with a single click using one hand.

Windproof jet lighters for convenient smoking

Windproof lighters are essential if you enjoy smoking in the great outdoors. Be prepared for any weather with a powerful and consistent blow torch flame that doesn’t waver even in the strongest winds. Slip a sleek Jobon jet flame lighter into your pocket to enjoy cigars, bongs or cigarettes anytime, anywhere.

The only cigar lighter you’ll ever need

If you love to light up a cigar, a jet blow torch should be at the top of your essentials list. These cigar lighters give you a clean, odourless and even burn so that you can enjoy the pure taste and aroma of the cigar as the manufacturer intended. The intense heat and power of the flame burn the cigar quickly without scorching the tobacco and tainting the flavour and help you to avoid common problems like tunnelling and canoeing. Jobon cigar lighters have an adjustable flame that’s wind-resistant so you can light up outdoors in any weather.

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What are jet lighters used for?

From water pipes, cigars and cigarettes to a hookah filled with flavoured tobacco, jet torches are the superior way to light up your favourite smoke and unwind. The blow torches produce a hotter, more powerful flame that’s windproof and adjustable so that you can enjoy a smoking session anywhere. Discover our new arrivals by Jobon and Honest, save your must-haves into a wishlist for later or view cart to add and remove products. When you’re ready to checkout, get free delivery when you spend over $75 in Australia.

Do jet lighters need special gas?

Jet lighters use butane gas to fuel them as opposed to lighter fluid. Our Jobon and Honest products come with no gas inside and are refillable. Liquid gas is affordable and easy to find, so keep your lighter full to ensure you always have what you need to enjoy a smoking session anywhere!