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OCB Rolling Papers

OCB rolling papers have been manufactured since 1917. In today’s marketplace, hemp smoking is a big drawcard for this prestigious manufacturer, continuing the tradition with premium quality slim and king-size rolling papers that My Bong Shop herb connoisseurs appreciate.

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Shop premium rolling papers for smoking

OCB develops premium new rolling papers designed to the highest standards of quality for the best possible natural herb smoking experience. In 2009, OCB created the first paper ever produced with 100% organic eco-friendly hemp fibres. In 2013, the company started manufacturing ultra-thin rolling papers from wood fibres sourced from sustainably managed forests. OCB rolling papers include:

Unbleached papers made without chlorine, dyes, chalk, or additives.

Acacia gum is natural, vegan, and GMO-free.

Sustainable fibres include wood, flax, bamboo, and hemp.

Packaging with low environmental impacts by using vegetable inks and recycled cardboard.

Find OCB black slim rolling papers available at My Bong Shop

This premium paper is a prestigious OCB success story and is considered a top rolling paper by rolling masters. OCB slim rolling papers are fine, transparent, and easy to recognise thanks to the distinctive hologram and stylish design. Features include:

  • Sustainably harvested fibres
  • Vegan-friendly
  • GMO-free free
  • Natural acacia gum
  • Ultra thin paper
  • Watermarked
  • Slow burning

Shop king-size slim rolling papers of the highest quality

OCB Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers are marked with silver holographic labelling. The distinctive black packaging is another feature that makes this brand stand out from the rest. These papers are ultra-thin, lightweight, and easy to roll. They burn slowly and evenly with an almost transparent look. OCB Premium King-Size Rolling Papers are individually watermarked and made with pure flax paper and natural Arabic gum.

Discover My Bong Shop flavoured rolling papers

OCB is the first choice of cigarette rolling papers for fans of quality, but there is much more to choose from at My Bong Shop. Explore our huge collection of tasty flavoured papers that deliver the wow factor. Customer favourite My Bong Shop flavour selections include Blueberry, Mango, Grape, and Chocolate, made by premium manufacturers Juicy Jays and Cyclones. We stock the best smoking papers, filter tips, rolling tips, blunt cones and more.

Light up in style with electronic and jet lighters

The future is now and electronic flameless lighters are a reality. My Bong Shop stocks the best revolutionary ARC rechargeable electronic lighters that are perfect for use in challenging outdoor conditions. If comfort and convenience are important to you and your herb-loving friends, an electronic lighter will deliver the heat source you have always wanted for a successful blunt every time.

Alternatively, check out our powerful jet lighters. These lighters provide a targeted flame. With a jet lighter, the flame won’t flicker and burn your thumb. Choose a powerful jet lighter from My Bong Shop and get the party started safely and easily.

Get the perfect blended mix with our range of grinders

Save time preparing the perfect herb mix by using a purpose-designed grinder tin. Avoid unwanted stem or cone blockages and enjoy a premium smoking experience. Check out 4 compartment grinders for ease of use and zero wastage. These tough metal grinders are comprised of:

  • A magnetic lid
  • Diamond cut teeth
  • Storage compartment
  • A mesh level for collecting fine and potent pollen grains

My Bong Shop grinders are strong, durable, and built to stand the test of time. There is no need to waste time mixing with your fingertips when a grinder can do a better job in a fraction of the time.

Use a purpose-built rolling tray

Although a rolling tray may seem like a simple item, it is a versatile smoking accessory that will make preparing joints much easier. Plus, My Bong Shop rolling trays have raised sides so your weed won’t fall off. A rolling tray can be taken with you on your travels for convenient joint preparation wherever you are. It can be discreetly stored with your lighter, rolling papers, and rolling machine, and even used as a backup ashtray.

Find a natural alternative with RAW rolling papers

Quality rolling papers will dramatically improve your weed-smoking experience. RAW rolling papers are My Bong Shop favourites with experienced herb fans. RAW papers are made from natural additive-free ingredients. They are available in regular size for one or two people and king-size that are perfect for sharing with friends. Enjoy the natural RAW experience courtesy of My Bong Shop.

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What are OCB rolling papers?

OCB rolling papers are among the best quality premium rolling papers on the planet. OCB’s commitment to sustainability includes the entire production plant and paper mill powered by renewable energy sources - wind, solar, hydropower, and biomass.

Are OCB papers expensive?

OCB rolling papers available at My Bong Shop, such as OCB Premium Slim, cost less than $2 per packet. This is just one instance where we offer premium quality products that Australians love at affordable prices.


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