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Medium Bongs

Medium Bongs

High-quality medium bongs are the happy medium for herb smoking satisfaction. The My Bong Shop collection includes artistic borosilicate glass pipes, beaker bongs, gripper bongs and percolator bongs designed for an unbeatable toking experience.

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Benefits of a medium bong

As an alternative to portable mini bongs and large bongs for display at home, medium bongs hit the sweet spot. Medium size bongs are the perfect size to get a satisfying hit without wasting valuable herb. Small enough to hold in your hand and convenient for sharing with friends, medium bongs are ideal in the living room or in your smoking den.

My Bong Shop medium bongs come in a wide range of sizes and styles. From colourful psychedelic patterns to a bong with the science lab look and features, there are plenty of choices that are sized just right. If you’re not looking for a portable bong and are not concerned with massive bong hits, a mid-size bong will suit your smoking requirements.

Rainbow glass bongs to beaker bongs and more

Medium bongs are a favourite with My Bong Shop customers. You can own a medium bong with full percolator capacity with a beaker bong and other styles with an enlarged base. You won’t need to change the water as often and it will stay cooler and cleaner for longer. You can also get a big hit without the need for a huge bong. My Bong Shop medium bong favourites include:

Medium Glass Bong - Glow In The Dark (25cm) is easy to spot in the dark, as well as being a good size for intermediary smokers.

Medium Gripper Glass Bong (25cm) with ergonomically designed grip for a very user-friendly herb smoking experience.

Topaz Blue Beaker Glass Bong (26cm) is a very attractive bong with a glass bowl and carb for tailored toking pleasure.

Discover all-glass bongs for a next-level high

The glass used for bong manufacture goes through a process known as annealing that strengthens the bong considerably, making it almost unbreakable. Glass is easily moulded to create artistically fashioned bongs in a wide range of design styles. Glass provides a smooth surface that is comfortable to grip and easy to clean. Glass is also non-porous with fewer cavities for bacteria to live.

Glass bongs are a My Bong Shop specialty. Explore the best small bongs, medium bongs, and large bongs that include beaker bongs, hookahs, gripper bongs, bubbler bongs, percolator bongs, straight tube bongs, honeycomb bongs, novelty bongs and a whole lot more at My Bong Shop, at prices regular Aussies can afford.

Get a grip with a medium gripper glass bong

Choose a medium gripper glass bong for a firmer grip, especially if you are sharing your herb with clumsy stoner friends. These bongs have an ergonomically designed grip that fits like a glove. These user-friendly devices are a stylish addition to any quality bong collection. The medium gripper glass bong at My Bong Shop includes a solid metal downstem and a metal bowl, plus a rubber stopper for airtight performance and a rubber base for additional stability. Make the taste of bong water a thing of the past by using a quality gripper glass bong.

Bongs, pipes & parts - find it all online

My Bong Shop is your one-stop shop for glass bongs, bong parts, and bong smoking accessories. Here you will find all the parts you need for personalised smoking pleasure. You can find it all online, including rolling papers, blunts, lighters, grinders, satchel bags, weigh scales, glass pipes, metal pipes, and a whole lot more. Shop online at My Bong Shop and enjoy discreetly packaged bongs and bong accessories delivered directly to your door.

Make smoking more enjoyable with a medium novelty bong

Cannabis smoking is already fun, but you can make it even more enjoyable with a novelty bong. These are classic collectibles worth owning, made with tough borosilicate glass. Medium-size novelty bongs include:

Rick And Morty Beaker Glass Bong is durable and thick with a stable flared base for holding more water.

Micky Mouse Beaker Glass Bong with rounded mouthpiece and iconic graphics that everyone will recognize, plus bong performance that anyone will appreciate.

Browse our range of medium water pipes

Are you looking for something a little bigger but not too massive? We have lots of mid-size bongs available. These bongs are perfect for experienced smokers who want something to show off at home without being too obvious. If you need something smaller to carry with you for on-the-go use, consider a small bong or pipe. As the favourite online bong shop in Australia, we have them all on show and ready to go!

Shop for your perfect bong at My Bong Shop

Bongs have come a long way since the days of squeezing a piece of garden hose into an orange juice bottle. Today’s bongs include high-quality glass water pipes with ice catchers, ash catchers, dab rigs, percolators, bangers, and precision-fitted adapters, cones and stems. Shop at My Bong Shop for perc bongs, gripper bongs, Rasta bongs, and even glow-in-the-dark bongs.

Simply make a wishlist and proceed to checkout for convenient payment and express delivery to your home. Check back often for the best bongs and new arrivals and enjoy your herb smoking experience to the max.


What is the average price of a medium bong?

At My Bong Shop, we won’t be beaten for price. Take your pick of the best bongs on the market from under $30 to just over $60.

How big is a medium bong?

Medium bongs are around 25cm tall. That’s big enough to get full-bodied smoking satisfaction with every toke.


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