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Micky Mouse Beaker Glass Bong (26cm)

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Micky Mouse Beaker Glass Bong (26cm)

This is a 26cm functional and impressive beaker glass bong with a quirky Micky Mouse design with a matching mouthpiece and base rim in red. The glass cone and down stem are removable and with the flared base of the beaker, it has a large footprint that affords stability when in use.

Glass Stem and Cone

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- Height: 260mm

- Made from tough pyrex glass

- Glass stem and cone piece

- Comfortable mouthpiece

After each use, it is suggested to clean thoroughly to maintain the integrity of the bong and extend its lifespan.

The design of the bowl of the Micky Mouse Beaker glass bong can hold enough water which will cool and filter the smoke that is drawn into the bowl through the down stem.

The water that filters the smoke captures all the toxins and cools the smoke. The amount of smoke pulled through the bowl and filtered offers a strong and flavourful toke.

For a bong to be effective and have a long lifespan it needs to be made from strong heat resistant durable glass. This Micky Mouse Beaker glass bong is manufactured from long-lasting Pyrex glass. The larger the bong the thicker the glass which ensures that the bong is safe and using glass is much healthier. Bongs provide a quality smoking experience that is strong, smooth and rich.