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Rolling Papers

Paper Blunts

Bongs are a great way to smoke, but every herb lover needs a backup plan. That’s where rolling papers, wraps, paper blunts and pre-rolled joints come into the picture. My Bong Shop has all the famous brands at the best available prices for your smoking pleasure.

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The different types of rolling paper

Whether you are a seasoned toker or new to herb smoking, you will need good rolling papers. The thing is, most people don’t realise how many rolling paper and blunt options there are. Quality papers enhance the experience, so it’s time to explore My Bong Shop choices to find out which paper blunts are right for you.

Roll your own joints with My Bong Shop

Traditional rolling papers are simple sheets of paper made from a variety of plant materials with an adhesive edge to ensure the joint cylinder is tightly sealed. That’s where the similarities between rolling paper brands end and the various rolling paper types are designed with specific attributes for personalised smoking. Whatever way you prefer your spliff, you can find a paper blunt or rolling paper that will accommodate your preferences. Papers vary according to size, material, flavour, and appearance. Some even include ready-made filter tips. Here are just a few of the My Bong Shop favourites.

RAW CLASSIC 1 1/4: 100% chlorine-free and 100% unbleached. A hybrid blend that results in a golden-brown colour. The taste of RAW is pure and clean.

RAW ORGANIC CONNOISSEUR KING SIZE WITH TIPS: Eco-friendly RAW Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim rolling papers contain no burn additives. They are manufactured from natural plants with a gum line made from Acacia tree gum.

OCB BLACK KS: The 'OCB' premium paper in king-size slim format is made with natural raw fibre gumming. The papers come in a pack of 50 booklets.

BLUEBERRY CYCLONES 2-PACK PRE-ROLLED HEMP BLUNT CONE: Cyclone Cones are hugely popular pre-rolled smoking cones. These cones are designed with an innovative pre-rolled cone shape designed for easy use and great taste.

JUICY JAYS KS SLIM MANGO: King Size Slim flavoured rolling papers that have been triple dipped for an enhanced smoking experience. 32 Leaves Per Pack. Get the tastiest smoke with Juicy Jays Blunt Wraps.

Discover hemp wraps and Raw rolling papers

Times have moved on since joint rolling paper was only made out of wood fibre. Today, rolling papers and paper blunts can be made from a variety of natural organic materials. These include:

  • Hemp leaf wraps
  • Flax
  • Rice straw
  • Esparto
  • Sisal (Agave)
  • Tobacco leaf
  • Sugar Cane
  • Palm leaf

Rolling papers made out of wood pulp are generally treated with additives to deliver a slow burn. However, it is possible to get the same slow burn with other untreated natural plant materials. Thin papers naturally offer a clean burn without excess material that can smoulder and flame. Rice papers, for example, are much thinner compared to papers made out of wood pulp.

Hemp smokers naturally enjoy using hemp rolling papers. Here are three good reasons to light up with hemp papers and hemp cones.

  1. Less environmental impact.
  2. Hemp can be grown without fertilisers for clean and pure smoke.
  3. The flavour is all hemp and no paper.

When the bong isn’t available, opt for paper blunts

It isn’t practical to carry a bong with you everywhere you go, so it makes good sense to carry some paper blunts in your wallet, pocket, or purse. Standard rolling papers measure close to 3cm long, although lengths and widths can vary significantly. You will find everything from slim to king-sized papers at My Bong Shop. Sizes can include:

  • 1 1/4-inch
  • 1 1/2-inch
  • Single wides
  • Double wides
  • Kings
  • King slims

If you are rolling herbs to share, you may opt for a king-size paper that can hold more herbs for more hits per joint.

Shop flavoured pre-rolled blunt cones

You can find rolling papers and blunt cones in all kinds of flavours. The choices are all yours at My Bong Shop for flavoured papers that include cherry, peach, strawberry, watermelon, wonderberry, coconut, and even double Dutch chocolate. Some people prefer all-natural options, while others like a burst of fruity flavour. Whatever your preference, you can always count on the best-known paper blunt brands to make sure you get a quality roll and a good smoking experience. We have them all for convenient online purchasing at My Bong Shop. Add your favourite flavoured blunts to your wishlist today.

Shop grinders in a range of colours and designs for the perfect mix

A quality grinder will break down cannabis into small consistently-sized bits. Weed is commonly ground down for rolling paper blunts, and is also the ideal way to create the perfect cannabis mix for bowls, pipes and bongs. Grind down your natural leaf with a My Bong Shop grinder. The most common type of grinder is a four-piece metal grinder. The pieces are:

  • Lid with teeth for grinding
  • Grind section with teeth for grinding and holes for the herb to fall through
  • Storage chamber that collects and stores weed plus a screen to filter kief
  • Kief catcher to collect kief (cannabis crystals or trichomes)

Roll the perfect joints with a rolling tray

A rolling tray is a simple and versatile device. A standard rolling tray has raised edges to avoid spillage and can make rolling a joint much easier. A rolling tray is a portable workstation and storage container for weed, zig zag papers, and more.

A rolling tray will catch precious crumbs that may otherwise be lost and swept away. It can also double as an ashtray if required. Choose from small or large rolling trays at My Bong Shop. A small rolling tray is portable, while a larger tray offers more workspace.

Choose My Bong Shop for all your smoking gear such as beaker bongs, jet lighters, scales, satchel bags, and all other smoking accessories.


What is a paper blunt?

A paper blunt wrap cone is a little different from regular rolling paper. Generally, a blunt wrap is bigger and lasts longer than a joint, making them great for sharing with friends. Add your favourite paper blunts to your wishlist or checkout with My Bong Shop today.

Why do people use rolling papers?

Rolling papers are the traditional way to smoke weed. They have been used for generations and can be conveniently carried with you wherever you go. Try something different with flavoured rolling papers for a great taste!