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Juicy Jays 1 1/4 Flavoured Rolling Papers Root Beer

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Juicy Jays 1 1/4 Flavoured Rolling Papers Root Beer

Choosing to smoke your herb wrapped in a root beer flavoured paper will bring you to please the taste is sweet yet has layers of flavours that are a taste sensation. Multiple flavours are enjoyed with the classic Juicy Jays root beer flavour. These include hints of vanilla, cherry, nutmeg, and slight tinges of mint and aniseed. This is a complex and interesting flavour that enhances the herb and presents a sophisticated smoking experience.

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- 32 x Papers per pack

- Size: 78mm

- 1 1/4 Size

- Made in Spain

The plant that is chosen to produce the Juicy Jays rolling papers is hemp. Hemp is an old plant that is fast growing which makes it sustainable. All the papers are 100% organic and made in Spain to the specific size that is well known as the Spanish size. This 1 1/4 paper holds a quarter more than the single wide and burns slowly and smoothly creating less ash.

Once the art of rolling is mastered you can expect to enjoy your rollies made to your unique specifications. It is a social way to smoke and the Spanish size allows you to share with friends as it is a perfect size.