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Metal Grinders

Metal Grinders

My Bong Shop metal herb grinders are important tools for cutting your favourite herb into a potent blend. We stock three-piece and four-piece metal grinders that transform dry herbs into the perfect mix for joints, blunts and bowls for your bong.

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Choose the right grinder for you

A grinder is used to break down cannabis chunks into a consistent size for an even burn. They are available in a range of sizes. Smaller grinders won’t grind large nuggets of weed in one go, but they are very convenient to carry in a purse, pouch, or backpack. Larger grinders are more suitable for home use when you want to prepare your herbs efficiently and easily. Choose the right grinder for you according to your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Use a metal grinder to make cutting your weed simple

Grinders, also called shredders, are a handy smoking accessory for speeding up the preparation of dry herbs. Our popular four-piece grinders make it easier to deliver a consistently high-quality burn. When pulled apart by hand, cannabis pollen sticks to your fingers, ultimately reducing the herb’s potency. With a grinder, there is zero wastage and the herbs are ready to be used immediately.

Using a multi-part grinder exposes the cannabis to less oxygen. This results in an effective burn with more consistent airflow. Conserve your stash and store weed ready to go in a convenient metal grinder.

Discover grinders in a wide range of designs

Heavy-duty metal grinders are weed accessories worth owning, and My Bong Shop grinders are available in a wide range of designs. Options include cannabis leaf designs, bullet designs, poker chip designs, cartoon designs, TV star designs, and even skull head designs for a trip to the dark side. Aluminium grinders with stainless steel grinding teeth are a wish list favourite worth adding to your shopping cart.

Shop our best-selling weed grinders

Grinders can have up to six parts, but the most popular grinders available at My Bong Shop are four-piece metal grinders that include:

  • Lid - Includes the grinding teeth
  • Grind Section - Includes teeth for grinding plus holes for weed to fall through
  • Storage Chamber - Stores weed and has a removable screen to filter kief
  • Kief Catcher - Where potent kief (pollen) is collected

Two and three-piece grinders don’t have kief catchers and are more prone to gum up. Larger five-piece grinders can include several storage chambers or kief catchers. 

Shop metal herb grinders online

My Bong Shop is the favourite online store for herb lovers in Australia. We have everything you need under one roof. Shop for two-piece grinders, three-piece grinders, four-piece multi-part grinders, or other grinders for creating the right cannabis mix.

While here, you can shop all your essential accessories for the ultimate smoking experience. Check out our best-selling electronic lighters, jet lighters, rolling papers, rolling trays, bong parts and bong accessories for your smoking or vape device.

Affordable plastic grinders

If you are a beginner, or someone who wants to experiment with grinders, consider a plastic grinder as a starting point. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and lightweight. Large plastic three-piece grinders are efficient and effective at grinding fresh herbs into a smokable mix. They are the cost-effective way to achieve high-quality cannabis results.

High-quality bongs for your high-quality weed

Experienced cannabis connoisseurs keep several smoking implements for different occasions. Quality bongs are smoking essentials, such as glass bongs, beaker bongs, gripper bongs, novelty bongs, or Rasta bongs. My Bong Shop bongs are available in small, medium, and large sizes for home use and portable use.

Experienced smokers usually own one or two metal pipes, glass pipes, or mini hookahs, plus rolling papers and blunts for a private session or when sharing with friends. Check back often to explore My Bong Shop new arrivals and old favourites.

Get an accurate measurement every time with a pocket scale

Cannabis smoking is a social Aussie experience that is fun to share with friends. Take sharing to the next level of satisfaction by measuring herbal gifts with a pocket scale. My Bong Shop scales provide multifunctional convenience and accurate measurement of small weight increments. Our products include:

Pocket Scale 200g / 0.01g

Professional Pocket Scale 200g / 0.01g

Professional Digital Scale 300g /0.01g

Find the smoking accessories you need at My Bong Shop

My Bong Shop is the favourite online bong and accessories shop in Australia. We have everything you need and can dispatch deliveries directly to your door. Your Australia Post parcel will arrive discreetly packaged to avoid the attention of curious neighbours.

View all products online, make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for convenient payment methods and speedy delivery.


Do metal grinders come in different sizes?

My Bong Shop stocks metal grinders in the most popular sizes for Australian weed enthusiasts. Explore our great grinder range and mix your herbs with confidence.

Where can I buy a metal grinder?

My Bong Shop is the go-to online store for metal grinders, plastic grinders, lighters, scales, satchel bags, rolling trays, and other herb-smoking accessories. We also stock a great selection of rolling papers in a wide range of materials, colours, and flavours.