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RAW Metal Grinder (56mm)

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RAW Metal Grinder (56mm)

The RAW 4 piece metal grinder is a must have accessory for anyone who loves smoking! This stylish and sleek grinder looks great and works amazingly well. Not only does it look good but it's sharp diamond cut teeth cut through herbs with ease, making grinding effortless and enjoyable.

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- Authentic RAW grinder

- 4 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Diameter: 56mm

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- Sold in a gift box

The 4 piece design allows you to grind into a finer consistency without any hassles or frustration - you'll be able to grind all of your herbs with a couple of simple twists! A magnetic lid ensures that everything stays put no matter how hard you twist or turn. If you like your herbs finely ground so they last longer when placed in pipes or rolled into joints, the RAW grinder provides a consistent uniform texture that's impossible to achieve by hand. The razor sharp blades chop through the herb more efficiently, resulting in far superior flavour every single time! That means you can enjoy the full taste of each strain without having to worry about chunks not being adequately broken up this grinder will take care of it all for you!

Durability won't be an issue as this metal grinder is built tough and resistant against knocks and drops which makes it perfect even if dropped off a table. The grinder's 56mm diameter size fits perfectly in pockets or bags now there really are no excuses why anyone should not have this fantastic accesory on them whenever they need one!

All these features combined together make owning the RAW 4 piece metal grinder worth your while especially if smoking is something you enjoy - don't settle for less when quality matters!