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Small Bongs

Small Bongs

Small bongs, mini bongs and pipes are all great introductions to the herb smoking experience. Small glass bongs are uncomplicated and deliver the premium smoke experience that water pipes are famous for, and My Bong Shop has great choices available online, delivered to your door.

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Shop small bongs at My Bong Shop

Small, portable glass bongs are smoking essentials that deliver optimum effect for a budget price. My Bong Shop small bong favourites include mini hookahs, beaker bongs and baby glass bongs for beginners and advanced tokers. Here are a few select small bong glass water pipes worth considering for your herb smoking pleasure.

  • Extra Small Glass Bong with Rubber Base (15cm) made from heat-resistant Pyrex glass for extra strength and protection.
  • Topaz Rainbow Beaker Glass Bong (20cm) with a flared base that makes it a sturdy and stable bong for its size.
  • Baby Glass Bong (15cm) is perfect for daily use when out and about and can fit snugly in a jacket pocket or small bag.
  • Mini Hookah is easy to assemble and transports well, making it easy to use both at home and on the go.

Find the right size bong for you

If you enjoy chilling at home and prefer smoking pleasure while relaxing on the couch, a larger bong may be more your style. However, there will be times when a smaller backup bong is the solution for switching things up. This is where small bongs come into the picture. If you want a bong that is convenient to bring to a party or outing, a mini bong could be what you need.

The My Bong Shop range includes small bongs, medium bongs, and large bongs in a wide range of styles for every smoking situation. Small water bongs can contain many of the features of their larger counterparts, including a glass cone piece, removable downstem, and carb for a tailored smoking experience. Vaporizers, bangers, dab rigs and joints are other ways to enjoy your herb, but nothing beats a bong for versatile smoking satisfaction.

Browse our range of small portable glass bongs

Bigger isn’t always better. My Bong Shop small bongs function exactly like a larger bong and can come in straight shooter or beaker bottom varieties that work just fine. The filtered smoke from a mini bong will have you well on your way to getting baked in no time.

Traditional mini bongs can have features like ash catchers or splash guards that prevent dirty bong water from getting into your mouth. Some small bongs are also customisable so you can get the weed-smoking device you always wanted. Here are a few more My Bong Shop small bong ideas.

  • Starbud Coffee Cup Glass Bong is sure to be admired by your friends and is a piece for a quirky bong
  • Baby Glass Bong - Skull Shape with brass cone and brass stem that is kept firmly in place by a rubber grommet for an airtight connection.
  • Small Gripper Glass Bong with a rounded mouthpiece that will give your stoned friends extra grip-confidence when enjoying a shared experience.

Benefits of smoking a mini bong

Mini bongs are more than just smoking accessories. They are the convenient go-to device while out and about and can be easily carried in a purse or glovebox compartment. Here are some mini bong benefits.

Price - Because of their size, small bongs are more affordable, making them perfect for a first bong purchase or backup piece. Mini bongs from My Bong Shop are made from almost unbreakable glass and provide all the perks of a larger bong.

Convenience - Ultra-small bongs are the perfect on-the-go smoking accessory. They are easy to clean, lightweight, and can easily fit in a backpack or travel bag without taking up much space or weighing you down. They also have fewer pieces that can get lost or broken.

The full cannabis experience - Many people are surprised at the power-packed punch a mini bong can deliver. You can still get good water perc filtration for enjoying huge hits and you can share with friends without needing to worry about your prized bong getting broken.

Cute and quirky look - There’s nothing worse than arriving at a party only to find there’s no bong in sight. Bring along your small bong and you will be the life of the party. The cute size is less intimidating for newcomers and regular stoners will thank you.

Find bongs, pipes and more at My Bong Shop

For small, medium, and large bongs, plus smoking accessories, My Bong Shop is the place to shop online. Our product range includes carb bongs, percolator bongs, bubbler bongs, straight tube bongs, Rasta bongs, ice catcher bongs, diffuser bongs and much more. Shop for bong accessories such as jet lighters, ash catchers, grinders, glass bowls, metal hand pipes, rolling papers, and everything else you expect to find in a well-stocked headshop.

We are the convenient go-to store for bongs at affordable prices, and options to customize the smoking experience exactly the way you like it. No-frill baby bongs are just the start at My Bong Shop.

Discover mini hookahs, beaker bongs and baby glass bongs

Bongs are generally made out of silicone, acrylic and ceramic materials, or glass. Silicone bongs are popular but most people prefer the aesthetic and functionality of quality borosilicate glass bongs. This glass is extremely durable and heat resistant so it can be used repeatedly without fear of cracking or breaking. If you want that smooth toke sensation that only a bong can deliver, but you don’t want to carry a conspicuous large bong with you, a baby glass bong is what you need for your collection. Discover the best mini hookahs, beaker bongs and small glass bongs at My Bong Shop.

Explore our range of novelty and cool bongs online

Here at My Bong Shop, you will discover lots of mini bongs that pack a powerful punch. We have lots of designs and styles to choose from, including novelty bongs such as the Burger King Glass Cup Bong for the perfect accompaniment to a smoking and munchies session. If you are a novice smoker who thinks that stylish bongs are a more complicated way to get high, start with the small bong for a comfortable hit that won’t have you coughing. Explore new arrivals, make a wishlist, and shop online for fast checkout and speedy (and discreet) delivery to your door.


What are small bongs called?

Small bongs are also known as mini bongs or mini water pipes. For all the best bongs under one roof, explore the My Bong Shop range.

What are the smallest-sized bongs?

At only 12cm, mini hookahs are handy small bongs worth owning. They are easy to assemble and can be taken wherever you go in a small carry bag.


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