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Precision Grinder with Handle (4 piece)

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Precision Grinder with Handle (4 piece)

The precision grinder with a handle is a very beneficial grinder to use as it makes the process of grinding the herb much easier. Turning the handle will effectively and efficiently grind the herb to a fluffy powder which retains its potency and provides a slower richer and smoother burn. It has a better flavour and taste when it has been ground.

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- 4 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Magnetic lid

- Storage compartment at the bottom

This is one of the most stylish grinders and is manufactured to a very high standard and quality. These precision grinders with handles are available in silver, green, black and gunmetal - they are compact and durable. Maintain the integrity of the grinder by cleaning it thoroughly after every use and make sure that it is dried completely before the next use.

This precision grinder with a handle has four parts that make it an exceptional piece that is easy and simple to use it is strong and robust with a magnetic lid and CNC blades that are sharp and grind the herb to a fluffy powder. The finer pollen falls through the mesh of the upper compartment into the lowest chamber where it gathers and can be kept and stored in this chamber till needed.