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RAW Classic 1 1/4 with tips

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RAW Classic 1 1/4 with tips

The convenience of this RAW product is what you need when you are on the go and want to transport your papers and tips. Sticking to the original size known as the Spanish size these RAW papers and tips are superior. They produce a smooth and even smoke ensuring that your experience is pleasurable.

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- 50 x Papers and filter tips per pack

- Classic

- 1 1/4 Size

- Made in Spain

It doesn't come more original than the RAW Connoisseur 1¼ with tips. This is a uniquely RAW product contained neatly in a package with 50 papers and tips closing over and held together with a RAW elastic band. This is an innovative and quality product that is popular with smokers around the world.

The RAW products are 100% natural and organic, they are environmentally friendly and contain no chemicals at all. There is no added bleach or chlorine in the papers which are a translucent natural brown colour. The RAW Connoisseur 1¼ plus tips are less processed than other available papers which makes them the obvious choice.

The tips are non-cotton and filter the smoke keeping tobacco out of your mouth thus making sure that you have a very easy and convenient smoke. The packs are slim and compact and transport very well. The cardboard outer packaging is durable and will not bend or buckle. They are manufactured in the same way as they have been for years in a region of Spain where this artisan craft has been passed down from generation to generation.