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Metal Grinder with Cool Designs

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Metal Grinder with Cool Designs

Have you ever wanted to make the best out of your smoking experience? Are you tired of getting unevenly cut weed that burns too quickly and lacks in flavour? If so, then what you need is the 4 piece metal grinder with cool cartoon and animation designs.

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- 4 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- Diameter: 50mm

This premium grinder is made from an alloy material and has sharp diamond cut teeth to deliver an effortless grinding solution for all types of dry herbs. Unlike scissors or handbreaking, this grinder will provide even cuts at all times leaving no small or large pieces for better smoking or vaporizing.

Using this grinder makes it easy to produce fluffy dry herbs that fill the entire chamber evenly for a more flavourful taste. The powdery consistency produced by this 4 piece metal grinder allows for more air flow resulting in larger smoke clouds with smoother draws - something which can't be achieved using your hands or scissors.

Moreover, its top portion includes a mesh screen for fine sifting. The multiple layers help break down bigger buds much faster compare with simplier grinders and the cranking effortless as well as less sticky compared to some other grinders. All these features combined together guarantee maximum efficiency with minimal efforts - making it an absolute must have accessory!