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Metal Grinder with Green Leaf Design (42mm)

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Metal Grinder with Green Leaf Design (42mm)

When it comes to preparing your herbs for use, the quality four piece metal grinder with green leaf designs and diamond cut teeth is an essential must have! This incredibly useful grinder allows you to quickly and evenly grind up your herbs so that they are ready for consumption in no time.

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- 4 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- Diameter: 42mm

The best thing about having this four piece metal grinder is that it offers superior results compared to simply cutting your weed with scissors or breaking it up by hand. With diamond cut teeth designed specifically for grinding herb, each individual piece of bud breaks down into fine powder. The result is smoother smokable herb which can be enjoyable without any harsh inconsistencies.

Not only does this make using your dry herb easier on the throat, but also provides more efficient burning when loaded into a pipe or rolled into a joint - allowing you get every last bit out of whats available! In addition to enhanced performance during smoking sessions, working with ground herb makes rolling joints faster and smoother as well as loading pipes quicker than ever before. The four piece green leaf design metal grinder not only looks awesome but serves it's purpose perfectly too - both providing style and smooth grinding function!

With strong construction throughout, this durable grinder can handle repeated use over time without succumbing to wear or damage. Cleaning couldnt be easier just rinse off any residual herb and let it air dry before storing away!