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Metal Grinder with Emoji Designs

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Metal Grinder with Emoji Designs

The metal grinder with emoji face designs is the ultimate must have accessory for any serious smoker. This stylish and practical grinder is designed to make your life easier while enjoying your favorite herb.

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- 4 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Storage compartment at the bottom

This grinder features four parts: a lid, body, an easily removable mesh screen and bottom compartments to store your ready to smoke herb. It's constructed from solid alloy making it durable and perfect for everyday use. The emoji faces on the top lends it a unique look that stands out against other grinders. This grinder makes grinding your herbs a breeze thanks to its sharpened diamond cut teeth which turn with effortless ease in order to cut through any size or type of herb you want fine powder for smoking.

This awesome grinder has you covered providing an even consistency so you know exactly what kind of hit you're going to get each time. The design also ensures a mess free experience as the mesh screen captures all those pesky herbal particles, keeping them in one place until it's ready to be collected at the bottom compartment ensuring none goes wastefully spilling. The metal grinder with emoji face designs is not only visually pleasing but incredibly functional too.