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Metal Grinder with Smiley Face Design

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Metal Grinder with Smiley Face Design

No smoking session is complete without the perfect 4 piece metal grinder with a smiley face design. This premium quality grinder is made of top quality metal, coated with a bright and fun finish that lets you show off your style as you take your herb to the next level. The diamond cut teeth effortlessly grind cannabis into uniform and fluffy pieces for even burning while saving time in the process.

Australia Post Standard $8.95

Australia Post Express $24.95


- 4 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- Diameter: 50mm

- Random colour dispatched

Unlike scissors or breaking up by hand which can be unreliable when trying to get even pieces of weed for an enjoyable smoke, this grinder will get just the right texture no matter what kind of herb you're using.

If you want larger hits or bigger clouds, just keep grinding away until it's at exactly the size you like. This grinder also prevents waste since only finely ground herbs completely burn - if there are any large chunks left behind, they might not ignite and ultimately don't end up getting smoked.

This metal grinder with it's cheerful smiling face design is practically indispensable when preparing herb for smoking - not only does it make grinding fast and easy but also results in smoother burning due to the consistency! Don't miss out - grab one today and enjoy convenient, fuss free buds for superior satisfaction each time!