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Bullet Grinder

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Bullet Grinder

The bullet grinder is a three-part grinder that is durable and reliable. The benefit of choosing to use a grinder is that it will grind the herb more finely which is beneficial when smoking or vaping. The smaller the pieces the quicker they get heated and the more intense the experience.

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- 3 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

When designing this bullet grinder, the case has been designed as a revolver chamber that is loaded with bullets. The silver finish with the gold tone of the bullets is very appealing and gives the grinder a unique look. This is a grinder that is manufactured from aircraft-grade metal.

This bullet grinder includes three pieces which are the magnetic grinding compartment with a mesh bottom to catch the herb. The bottom piece is where the herb is collected after it has been ground. The cap has teeth and the bottom also has teeth that fit together to quickly and efficiently grind your herb to the perfect texture in seconds.

With the three-piece bullet grinder, the herb is finely ground and will fall through to the bottom compartment, which can be used as a storage chamber. The unit can be tightly closed and sealed which will keep the ground herb fresh and is easy to access when needed.